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This powerful yet inexpensive little sound amplifier is a big hit with kids, adults, and senior citizens alike. Can be used to hear a whisper from across the room, or for a less sinister application of simply improving ones hearing capability. Adjustable volume. Batteries included.





The all new Sound Pro II is our newest and most compact unidirectional microphone systems that we offer. The high quality 10" microphone is actually is two microphones in one. One high power microphone element faces forward to capture sounds that the mic is "aimed" at. The second microphone "cancels" noises coming in from the sides, thereby creating the "extended range" effect. The Sound Pro II features a background noise filter switch and output jack for tape recorder Unit comes complete with microphone handle, camera mount, 1 Watt RMS amplifier (+120Db Gain), Sony digital quality folding headset, 6' tape recorder connector cable, "AA" battery for microphone, 9-Volt Battery for amplifier, and slide lock hard carry case. 6 month warranty.





Quality manufactured in Japan, a great performer in a small "shotgun" microphone. The TECT UEM-88 is a highly directional sound-locating microphone with a supercardioid pick-up pattern. An internal high gain amplifier and earphone monitoring system complete the all-in-one package. Also includes mounting hardware for binoculars or video cameras.


High Quality miniature electret condenser microphone.
Directional tube with windscreen.
Supercardioid pic-up pattern, designed for frequencies of medium range, allows user to isolate and pick-up distant sounds such as human voices, birds, other wildlife, etc.
Small, lightweight, compact.
Uses standard "AAA" battery with easy replacement.
Adjustable volume control
Includes mounting hardware for use with binoculars or video cameras.


TYPE - Sound-Locating Microphone
DIRECTIONALITY - Supercardioid
OUTPUT LEVE - l5mW @ earphone
POWER SOURCE - "AAA" battery X 1
BATTERY LIFE - 100 hours
MEASUREMENTS - 9 x 1 x 1/2 inches
WEIGHT - 65 gr.
EARPHONE - Inner-ear type stereo dynamic earphone (32 ohm)




The slim, new design of the SuperEar Plus personal sound amplier is ideal for slight to moderately hearing impaired. New SuperEar Plus increases ambient sound gain 50+ decibels and picks up sounds up to 100 yards away using a multi-element, high sensitivity 90 degree swiveling microphone.

Stylish design weighs just 3 oz. measuring 3.5" x 2" x .75" and fits easily into pocket or purse.

Features: Lighted On/Off button. Sound isolation circuit minimizes scratchiness and feedback from personal handling, 30-minute Automatic shut off to conserve battery life. Includes 2 AA batteries, providing up to 80 hours of operation. Lightweight "Earbud" style headphones feature matched output drivers to deliver clear, crisp sound. Handy volume control wheel located on headset lead wires for easy volume adjustment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with all our "sound enhancing" products, this unit is NOT designed or to be used to surreptitiously intercept oral communication. Use for this purpose seriously violates federal laws.


This beautiful all-leather executive briefcase does more than just carry your imprtant papers in style. With the flip of the carry handle, you can instantly activate a hidden long play recorder and custom amplified mic system enabling you to silently and secretly record your business meetings, etc. The built-in microphone is completely hidden and is virtually undetectable. This is the ultimate executive tool. Document what really was said in your next important business meeting. Eliminate the need to take extensive notes. Impress your co-workers with your amazing ability to remember all the details without taking a single note...

8-Hr. Recording Briefcase $379.95


10 Hr. Recording Briefcase $399.95


10 Hr. Recording Briefcase w/auto reverse $525.00



This world famous design facilitates quick and easy recording of yoru telephone conversations in the field, such as from a pay phone. All you need is a cassette recorder and this device and you have the ability to record a telephone call from any handset in the field. Simply plug the jack into the "Mic" input jack on any recorder and affix the sturdy suction cup microphone element the the back of the earpiece on the target telephone handset. This unit is a quick and dirty solution to field recording and it will NOT start and stop the recorder automatically. Recordig clarity will not be as good as the direct input units listed above. Extremely handy and compact, this device is a must have for any security professional. $14.95



If you liked our little Field Telephone Recorder, you will absolutely love this unit! Think of this as the standard Field Telephone Recorder on STEROIDS! This exclusive professional field telephone recorder has sophisticated audio enhancement circuitry which increases the overall audio level bya substantial 10dB. It automatically filters out low-end rumble i.e. some background traffic noise) and extraneous high-end noise while accentuating sounds in the usable spectrum. Since pay phones and many other telephone systems that you will encouter in the field do not generally do not provide direct wire recording options, our Enhanced Field Telephone Recorder is the professional's choice for recording telephone calls in the field. Quick and easy recordings from regular telephones too. Plugs into your recorder's microphone jack. Powered by one 9-volt battery (not inlcuded).



The Tele-Monitor 2000 is a very sophisticated audio monitoring device. Utilizing advanced logic-chip technology, it enables you to discreetly listen in on your premises via regular telephone lines from any telephone in the world! The Tele-Monitor 2000 requires no activating beeper or whistle, does not affect normal incoming and outgoing calls, and offers unprecedented capability and flexibility by allowing up to 4 units per line to be connected. It allows you to listen in on your premises with ease! The unit's sensitive microphone will pick up even a whisper up to 35 feet away. The Tele-Monitor 2000 requires a two-step user identity verification process before allowing monitoring access. This latest model also has a "quick access" mode option for applications on a dedicated line. To monitor, just dial your phone number from any tone telephone, access the monitor, and then push the button on the phone corresponding to the area you wish to listen in on. You may "move" around the premises (if you have multiple units connected) as much as you desire - just push the number of the desired area and it instantly transfers monitoring to that zone. You can switch between areas as much as you like for as long as you like. Or, by pushing "5", you can monitor all areas simultaneously. The Tele-Monitor 2000 is a completely self-contained unit; no actual telephone is required for its operation. Equipped with modular plugs for instant connection to telephone jacks. Needs no batteries. Size: 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 1". WARNING: this device is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in compliance with all applicable laws and F.C.C. regulations. $179.00


The Informer is an amazing telephone line device that allows you to listen in to a room after the called party has hung up! You can "plant" a desired topic near the end of a conversation, and you'll likely hear them discuss their real thoughts on the subject as soon as they hang up. When you call to the home or business where the Informer has been installed, after the conversation is completed (or even just a "sorry, wrong number"), let them hang up first. You will then have the option of being able to clearly monitor all the audio activity in the room in which The Informer is located, even though they've already hung up their phone! We originally designed this unit for a leading law enforcement agency as a special device that they could supply to certain citizens who were at particular risk of being held hostage in their own home or office. In such a case, agents would have the ability to remotely, discreetly, and safely monitor the area to verify status and collect real-time intelligence. The Informer plugs into a standard modular telephone jack. Size: 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 1". WARNING: this device is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in compliance with all applicable laws and F.C.C. regulations. $199.00


THE "X" PHONE is an advanced remote audio monitoring device. It's so sophisticated that you don't even need to call in to see if there's activity in the area; it will continuously monitor the area and call you when something is happening. When audio activity occurs in the area of THE "X" PHONE, it silently and automatically calls the telephone number you have programmed. When you answer, you are immediately and clearly listening to all of the audio activity in the area of THE "X" PHONE. The intruders there have no idea whatsoever that this device has not only detected them, but has already called you and you're listening to every word they're saying! You can then continue to monitor, call 911, or take other appropriate action. It can be an effective component of your home or business security system. THE "X" PHONE can be programmed to call any telephone in the world. It offers 3 different activation sensitivity levels. This sophisticated unit has the capabilities to provide unprecedented surveillance options; however, you are warned that it is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in compliance with all applicable laws and F.C.C. regulations. Simple to operate - just plug it into a phone jack and it will call you when there's something you need to hear.




Even the worlds best camoflage can't disguise the sound of a twig snapping in the the darkness. The Bionic Ear is the choice of Law Enforcement professionals, Private Investigators, Security Firms, Hunters, and Nature Enthusiasts. Why do these people choose the Bionic Ear over the others? BECAUSE IT WORKS! System comes complete with hi-power directional microphone, adjustable headphones, independent volume controls, wrist straps, and a sophisticated automatic safety circuit which prevents sudden sounds over 95 decibels from reaching you ears. Operates on one (1) 9-Volt battery. (Shown above with optional parabilic dish.) By adding the Bionic Booster Parabolic reflector, you can literally pick up conversations within 100 yards with crystal clear fidelity! The Bionic Booster pinpoints sounds and reduces background noise. Snaps quickly onto the Bionic Ear and attaches with a built-in patch cord (included).

$129.95 Bionic Ear


$69.95 Bionic Ear Booster



Like the Bionic Ear, the all new Detect Ear provides the user with almost superhuman hearing. This new and much improved version of the Bionic Ear features an innovative snap-together 6-panel parabolic dish, higher quality mic elemnet, larger 20 inch parabolic surface area, built-in 3 channel equalizer, built-in tripod mount, and lightweight construction. After testing many other more expensive units on the market, we feel that the Detect Ear rivals event the more expensive and much touted Dan Gibson Parabolic Mic. While the "Bionic Ear" has an effective pick-up range of +- 100 yards, the Detect Ear has and effecive range of +-300 YARDS! This is a powerful investigative and audio surveillance tool. Powered by two, (2) AAA batteries.


* Hear a conversation 300 yards away
* 6 panel snap together parabolic dish
* Advanced electronic circuitry
* 3-band equalizer to adjust sounds
* Focus on sound in the direction you point the microphone
* Tape record what you hear using the Output Jack
* Patch in a communications device using Input Jack
* Adjustable volume for each ear
* Automatic safety shut off at 95 decibles
* Tripod mount for extended use
* Hard sided durable carry/storage case included
* Powered by 2 AAA batteries that last about 100 hours
* Quick assembly/disassembly
* Total product weight 24 oz


* Tripod - Attach the microphone to a tripod for hands free operation. Available at your local electronics store.
* 3.5 mono Patch Cord - Connects the DetectEarÒ to your tape recorder or video camera. Available at your local electronics store.





The Wall Probe has been used for a number of years by law enforcement and security professionals. Featuring a unique combination of a super-sensitive contact microphone, an echo chamber, and a hi-gain amplifier, the Wall Probe allows the user to literally listen through walls. Unit also features both ear and recording jacks and volume control. This device is so effective that it has been used for a number of other purposes to include bomb detection in packages, and rescue operations after earthquakes. $325.00




This Super High Power Acoustic Contact Microphone provides the user with Law Enforcement grade performance matching the performance of units costing thousands of dollars. Think of this as our Ear 200 unit on Steroids! The small acoustic "super sensor" pick-up is simply placed against any surface and all sound vibrations will be amplified up to 100 times via our portable 1 watt RMS amplifier and fed into specially manufactured perfectly matched active noise cancellation stereo headphones. The result is truly incredible.

The "super sensor" pick-up can be mounted to any solid surface using the included acoustical "putty". When removed, special putty can be reused again and again. 4 "squares" of putty are included in kit.

Our special amplifier is made in Israel by an Israeli military TSCM contractor to our specifications. Amplifier features volume control, background noise filter switch, and 3.5mm output jacks for headphone and recording device. Operated for up to 25 hours on a 9 volt battery.

The "ReSound" active noise canceling foldable stereo headphones frees user from any unwanted noise and provides private listening even in noisy environments. Everything about this system is impressive to include the high quality "noise cancelling" headphones which are included with this unit. These headphones are comparable to a popular national brand (Bose) headphones which are priced at almost $299.00. For your convenience these special headphones can be used separately with your stereo, CD, MP3 player, on Airplanes (movies) or for similar types of applications. Adaptors, carry bag, and 2 "AAA" batteries are included.

Headphone Features: Travel-fold design for compact portability - Large driver units for rich and powerful sound - full size earcups provide long-lasting comfort - operate as passive headphones when noise canceling circuit is not activated.


TSCM acoustic leakage: Determine the level of acoustic leakage from inside a structure to the outside or from one room to another to access the level of risk that exists for eavesdropping attempts.

Bomb Detection: Listen to packages for sounds indicating timer operation such as a ticking clock.

Diagnostics: Useful for finding problems in engines, transmissions, and other mechanical apparatus.

Pest Control: Quickly locate active termite colonies and other insect or rodent infestations in walls, ceilings, and floors.

Plumbing: Find locations of leaky pipes in concrete or walls.




For years customer have asked us about wireless audio transmitters. Due to federal restrictions however, we have never offered any type of wireless audio equipment to the general public, -- UNTIL NOW! This hi-quality wireless audio Transmitter and Receiver system is F.C.C. approved making it 100% legal to sell, purchase and possess. The Transmitter features two, (2) crystal controlled channels to choose from and has an effective range of 300-500 feet line of sight. (Because the channels are crystal-controlled, there is no frequency drift or interference as with cheaper FM based systems.) The transmitter can also be used as a body wire. The receiver is compact enough to conceal in a coat pocket. Receiver also features a mic-output cable which enables you to connect it directly to an audio recorder or a camcorder. It also has a built-in earphone jack which enables you to monitor everything that is being recorded. System comes complete with a hard carry/storage case. If you are in need of a wireless transmitter and receiver, this is the system for you.

LEDs on transmitter and receiver to confirm system status
Earphone included to monitor sound being recorded
Receiver plugs into camera’s external microphone jack,
Both units use one 9-Volt Battery (not included)
System includes: WR-PRO receiver, WM-PRO belt-pack transmitter and lavaliere electret condenser microphone





Although does in fact carry a wide variety of speicalized wireless audio equipment, this equipment is available ONLY to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. We do however carry two, (2) FCC approved units which we have found to provide exceptional sound quality. This system consists of one wireless Audio Transmitter, one 30-channel Programmable Scanning Reciever, and one Earpiece all housed in a hard padded storage/carry case. The Transmitter features two, (2) crystal controlled channels to choose from and has an effective range of 300-500 feet line of sight. (Because the channels are crystal-controlled, there is no frequency drift or interference as with cheaper FM based systems.) The transmitter can also be used as a body wire. The Receiver comes pre-programmed with the two audio channels and can hold an additional twenty-eight, (28) additional channels in memory! It also functions as a high quality Police scanner. Built-in earphone jack enables you to connect it directly to an audio recorder or a camcorder. The scanner antenna features a BNC style connector which enables you to switch the standard antenna out with one of our extended range units or an amplifier. If you are looking for high quality wireless audio system, this is it.

LEDs on transmitter to confirm system status
Earphone included to monitor sound being recorded
Receiver can be plugged into camera's external microphone jack
Receiver operates on eight, (8) AA batteries (not included)
Transmitter operates on one, (1) 9-Volt battery (not included)




Originally designed for the exclusive use of undercover operatives, these unique devices are now available to you! The Undercover Startac is a security distress signal device that allows you to make a distress call to anyone, from anywhere, with a push of a button. The unit may be activated in two, (2) different ways.

1) DISTRESS MODE: Simply push the hidden panic button located on top of the phone and the last numnber in memory will automatically be dialed and connected without touching any further buttons on the telephone. From that moment on, the receiver of the call can hear everything that is being said. You can secretly call for help, provide directions or clues as to your location, let them know you're in trouble, or that everything is OK.

2) REMOTE MONITOR MODE: The Undercover Startac can be called from any telephone in the world and activating the built-in , super sensitive microphone. Once activated, the caller can listen-in to everything being said or taking place in and around the unit. The wearer does not need to touch any buttons on the telephone nor will the telephone ring.

Perfect for bodyguards protecting their clients. In the invent your client needs your attention, your client can simply push the panic button which will then automatically call your phone or cell phone allowing you to listen in on the situation, and respond accordingly.


The microphone has been pre-amplified by a gain of 200. This allows the phone to be used in the holster or in a pocket and be clearly heard from another phone or cell phone.
The ringer has been removed.
The switch that prevents the phone from operating in a closed position has also been removed.
The LED’s that illuminate when the phone is in use has been removed.
The send button is no longer on the keypad but has been replaced by a small black momentary push button located on the top of the phone where the headset jack used to be. Almost undetectable.
We have included a larger than normal extra battery pack for the Security Startac. With the almost invisible send button on the top of the phone you can discreetly Make a call as well as receive one. Just enter the phone number you want it to Call and every time the panic pushbutton on the top is pressed it calls that number. No need to remove the phone from the holster. Without a ringer you can call the Unit and it will automatically answer and automatically disconnect when the caller Hangs up.





If you are an investigator, peace officer, insurance adjuster, attorney, etc. you know how important a good quality recording is, especially if you've only got one chance to get it on tape... To get a good recording however you must have a good microphone. Introducing the Pro-Mike from Aegis Research. One of the key problems inherent to built-in microphones is their proximity to the motor of the recorder. This design flaw produces noise and distortion leading to poor quality recordings. The Pro-Mike features a high quality microphone element, a two-stage pre-amp, and an active audio booster circuit which vastly increases the sensitivity of the mic by over ten, (10) times! Perfect for interrogations, and interview style recordings. Compact enough to be carried with you anywhere. Fully adaptable to be used with any recorder that accepts external microphone inputs. Priced right. Only $89.00



This handy little external microphone made by Sony enables you to bypass your current recorders cheap, built-in microphone, and put the mic element where it belongs, -- right up front. When worn horizontally on a necktie the mic element looks like a tie pin. When worn vertically inside a pocket it appears to be the innocent clip of a common fountain pen. Powered by one CR2025 button battery which can power the unit for over 100 hours of continuous operation.



Tired of muffled recordings using your recorders built-in condenser mic? Try one of our custom F.E.T. surveillance mics. Our mics are a professional grade and have been designed specificallyfor use in surveillance and undercover operations. Features a built-in amplifier for maximum performance. Works with any size or type of recorder. $199.95



Our custom made SRPA mic enables you to make professional grade surveillance recordings. Ideal for body worn applications, this unit features a hi-quality microphone element, coupled with an in-line audio amplifier which amplifies all audio before sending it to your recorder. Built-in On/Off switch. Powered by one, (1) button cell battery. Comes complete with detachable tie-clasp style clip. This unit is SMALL, -- approximately the size of a pencil eraser.




Our custom made SMPA microphone is one of the smallest covert body mics in the world. Used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world, this microphone produces incredible sounding audio under the toughest of circumstances. Designed specifically for for body-worn applications, this unit features a hi-quality microphone element, an in-line audio amplifier, built-in On/Off switch, and integrated micro pin clasp for quick and easy attachment to clothing. Powered by one, (1) button cell battery. Although our units come cut to a standard five foot cord length, we can custom build a unit to your particular specifications. Available in either 1/8, , or RCA formats. (Please Specify) This unit is VERY SMALL, -- approximately the size of a puffed grain of rice (Rice Crispy).




Our custom made SUPA mic is the SMALLEST covert microphone currently available anywhere in the world today. Despite is unbelieveably small size, it produces incredible sounding audio enabling you to make professional grade surveillance recordings under less than ideal conditions. Designed specifically for for body-worn applications, this unit features a hi-quality microphone element, an in-line audio amplifier, built-in On/Off switch, and integrated micro pin clasp for quick and easy attachment to clothing. Powered by one, (1) button cell battery. Although our units come cut to a standard five foot cord length, we can custom build a unit to your particular specifications. Available in either 1/8, , or RCA formats. (Please Specify) This unit is EXTREMELY SMALL, -- approximately the size of a match head.




Our Pen Microphone is a specially engineered high-sensitivity covert microphone which looks like an ordinary pen in your pocket. When you place a tape recorder under your coat or in a pocket, you significantly reduce its microphone's ability to collect sound. But with the Covert Pen-Mic, with it's 2-stage pre-amp and active audio booster circuit which increases sensitivity by 10 times over standard passive microphones, you obtain better quality audio than your recorder's microphone could get even under ideal conditions! It makes concealed, hi-performance voice recording simple. Even though your recorder is positioned in a secure remote location on your person, this sensitive microphone is right up in the conversation, clearly yet discreetly recording every word. The Covert Pen-Mic employs a super-sensitive tuned cavity pickup which enhances voice quality while reducing background noise. It's advanced low power circuitry provides approximately 500 hours of continuous use on one battery. It is powered by one 3 volt lithium coin cell battery (included), which is commonly available. It has a standard "mini" connector, making it compatible with most models of pocket recorders -- just plug it into the recorder's jack marked "MIC" or "External Microphone". If you have a need to discretely record first-party conversations, this unit can be invaluable!



This tiny ear bud style microphone is extremely versatile as it enables you to both listen and record all in one sleek unit. To use as an earphone simply connect the unit to any earphone jack. To use as a microphone, simple connect the plug to the "mic" input on any recorder. Ideal for recording telephone calls from any type of telephone system, PBX, pay phone, or even a cell phone (no matter how small). No cords, no suction cups, no batteries, just simple plug-and-play simplicity. Foam cushioned for maximum comfort.




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