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If you need the intimidating look of a security camera, but can't spend the money for a real video camera, this just might be your best shot. Our new all steel dummy camera is designed to withstand the abuse of the outdoors and can also be used as a real outdoor housing for one of our many mini security cameras. The back of the housing simply screws open and you can place one of our "spy eye" cameras inside for a custom security system. The housing / fake camera is equipped with a real looking coax cable in the back and a flashing LED light which will deter any unwanted visitors and thieves. LED light operates using 2x AA batteries (not included).



Security cameras are now an everyday part of our lives. I know it, you know it, and most importantly, the crooks know it. The last thing a criminal wants is to be seen committing a crime, much less caught on tape. Just the thought of being watched by a security camera is enough to make all but the most determined of thieves look for an easier target. Our new simulated camera is perfect for locations where a security camera is needed, but is simply not practical or in your current budget. Crafted of milled aluminum, this professional looking security camera will fool even the most experienced of thieves. We use the same housing, bracket, and coax cable that we use in the real thing! Only you will know that it is not real. Protect your home, office, store, or business in just a matter of minutes after receiving it from us. While you can always upgrade to the real thing later, give yourself the appearance of hi-tech protection now!





If you're wondering why this "dummy camera" looks so realistic it's because the manufacturer has used a REAL camera chassis and added a super-realistic lens to it. This versatile unit fits any standard camera mount and can be mounted either from the top, or the bottom, using unique integrated sliding nut mounts. This unit is also available in an L.E.D. version (pictured). The L.E.D. attracts attention to the camera instantly alerting would-be thieves that your location is protected by security cameras... Perfect for stores, warehouses, offices, schools, or any place that you want to give an added feel of security without having to incur the cost of an actual camera. For added realism don't forget to purchase the "Dummy Finish Kit" which includes a pre-cut length of real RG-59U video cable, attached bnc connector, wall plate & screws.

$89.95 (L.E.D. Version)


$69.95 (Standard Version)


$19.95 (Universal Wall Mount)


$12.95 (Dummy Finish Kit)