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The Un-Un-Shredder Service

Oliver North and the Iran/Contra scandle made shredding compromising documents cool. Soon thereafter it seemed as though shredder sales went up and that everyone automatically "shredded the evidence" as soon as things started heating up. They thought they were safe. They thought they were smart. THEY WERE WRONG! Introducing the UnShredder Service from who else but Brandon Enterprises? Using a highly sophisticated scanning and complex computer programs, we have the ability to quickly and effectively reconstruct shredded documents and evidence once thought lost! No more sorting and taping for hours on end only to get garbled and senseless sentences. Let us do the work for you.


There has long been a need for a reliable and effective means of documenting the activity of computer users. While the reasons for monitoring vary from law enforcement applications to employee monitoring, and even the safety of your children, there has never been a truly effective means of accomplishing this task. Until now! Introducing TheMOLE, the most amazing computer keystroke monitoring device in the world.

The TheMOLE is a tiny data recording device that snaps into place between the computer keyboard cable and the computer. Once attached, this incredible device silently logs ALL keystrokes that are typed on the computer and stores them in a non-volatile memory. Passwords, access codes, illegal & unauthorized activity, -- TheMOLE records it ALL. No other device in the world works this well. The miniaturized circuitry of the TheMOLE is state-of-the-art ensuring years of reliable service. This device is so unique that even if the device is unplugged from the host computer, the computer is unplugged, or if there is a power failure, the TheMOLE will continue to store the information.


TheMOLE is easier to install than software.

TheMOLE installs in less than 10 seconds!

TheMOLE will also log BIOS passwords before boot up. (Software programs can't record BIOS passwords.)

TheMOLE It doesn't require any external power source.
TheMOLE can be used with any PC operating system (Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT ; OS2; Linux; FreeBSD; etc.)
TheMOLE uses no system resources.

TheMOLE can be installed on a system where the password is unknown.

TheMOLE can be used to record on one computer, and read out on another.


The TheMOLE can be used to recover from system lock-ups and power losses.

TheMOLE allows system adminstrators to recover changed passwords.

TheMOLE helps administrators in assessing and repairing any damage caused by intruders.

TheMOLE allows security personnel to ensure computer usage compliance.

TheMOLE provide cost-effective protection to families and businesses from unauthorized computer activities.

TheMOLE is a "must-have" tool for security and investigative personnel.

This is a must have tool for every law enforcement agency, private investigator, and security professional. Order yours today. $149.95

PLEASE NOTE: The U.S. Department of Justice recommends that a banner notice indicating the keystroke monitoring policy be placed on all computer systems that will be conducting keystroke monitoring. The banner should give clear and unequivocal notice to intruders that by signing on and using the system, they are expressly consenting to having their keystrokes monitored or recorded during their computer session. If an unauthorized intruder downloads an authorized user's file, keystroke monitoring will record both the intruder's download command and the name of the compromised accessed file.


We are now living in the 21st Century. As technology has progressed over the years, the way we communicate, correspond, and even meet new people continues to change and evolve as well. This evolution has created some very unique problems that never existed before, -- Cyber-Crime, Cyber-Sex, Cyber-Stalkers, access to Hard-Core Pornography, and the ability of complete strangers to have access to your family by total strangers! With the advent of the Internet, Chat, and e-mail, there is a legitimate need to know how your computer is being used, by whom, and exactly what is being said. With this fact in mind, we offer you a number of solutions, both hardware and software based, enabling you to monitor and record ALL activity on a target computer. One of these solutions even allows you to monitor activity REMOTELY and can be installed in five minutes or less!!!


SPECTOR - Computer Activity Monitoring Software

Install Spector on your PC and it will record EVERYTHING anyone does on the Internet.

Spector automatically takes hundreds of snapshots every hour, very much like a surveillance camera. With Spector, you will be able to SEE EXACTLY what your spouse, kids and employees have been doing online and offline.


Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor, filming away everything that is done on the PC. That is the idea behind the number one selling Internet Monitoring and
Surveillance software, Spector.

Imagine being able to download, install and start recording PC and Internet activity in less than 10 minutes.

Imagine virtually no learning curve - if you can use a VCR, you already know how to use Spector.


Spector works by taking a snapshot of whatever is on the computer screen and saves it
away in a hidden location on your computer's hard drive. A few seconds later, Spector
takes another picture. In fact, Spector can automatically take a picture of your computer
screen as frequently as once per second.


You get recordings of all chat conversations, instant messages, e-mails typed and read, all web sites visited, all programs/applications run, all keystrokes typed -EVERYTHING they do on the computer and on the Internet.

You can come back to the computer a few minutes, a few hours, a few days or weeks later and SEE EXACTLY what they were doing, because Spector has recorded it.


With virtually no learning curve, Spector makes it easy to start recording your PCs today. If you can use a VCR, you already know how to use Spector.


Spector is appropriate for parents concerned about what their children do online, or worried about protecting their children from the Dangers of the Internet. Whether it's Scooby-Doo or the latest nude photos of Carmen Electra, you'll know exactly what has come across your computer screen!

Spector is also ideal for businesses concerned about how their employees use company computers. Are your employees goofing off too much online? Sending sexually or racially offensive e-mail jokes? Spreading company confidential information in anonymous chat and message boards? You'll find out with Spector.

And, if you're concerned about what your spouse or mate is doing online at all hours of the evening, there is no faster or more accurate way to find out than with Spector.


Spector is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000.





With four distinct recording tools, Spector Pro is the quickest, easiest and most detailed way to monitor and record Internet and PC activity. All four tools are combined into one powerful application featuring: the original Spector VCR-like snapshot recording and the new Email recording,
Chat/Instant Messaging logs and sophisticated Keystroke journals.

In addition to monitoring and recording, Spector Pro has an advanced warning system that will inform you when a PC being monitored has been used in an inappropriate manner. Through the use of keywords that you specify, Spector Pro will be "on alert", e-mailing you an immediate and detailed report of when, where and how a keyword was used - every time it is typed or appears on the PC, on a website or in an email.

Combine visual snapshot recording, email recording, chat recording and keystroke recording with INTELLIGENT & INSTANT Notification when content you specify is encountered, and you have the most POWERFUL Monitoring and Surveillance software you can buy anywhere!

Spector Pro Records:

ALL Emails (Sent & Received)
Email File Attachments
AOL Chat Conversations
ALL Popular Instant Messengers
User Defined Keywords
Display Screens
Keystrokes Typed
Web Sites Visited
Applications Run

VISUAL Internet Recording

Imagine a surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor, filming away anything anybody does online, and storing this in a secure area for your later review. That is the idea behind the first tool built into Spector Professional Edition, the Snapshot Recording tool.

Is your employee emailing somebody using a Hotmail account? Spector Professional Edition will take pictures of that, save it away, and allow you to come back minutes, hours or even days later and see EXACTLY what they were typing and reading and viewing.

Is your child having secret chat conversations with an adult stranger? What motives does the stranger have? Maybe they are good, but maybe they are bad, and you need to know. Spector Professional Edition will take pictures of the chats and let you see exactly what they are discussing.

Is your spouse viewing pornography online while you are asleep, or engaging in cyber sex when they know you disapprove? Spector Professional Edition will show you in exact VISUAL detail every web site they visit, every picture they view, every chat room they visit - you WILL know once you install Spector Professional Edition.

The Visual Snapshot Recorder automatically built-in to Spector Professional Edition is the most powerful way to record and review everything they do online.

But, the Snapshot Recorder is just the beginning.

Snapshot Recording Features:

• VCR Style Playback
• Fast Forward
• Immediate Rewind
• Move Forward/Back One Frame
• Copy & Paste
• Automatic Recording
• Data Stored Chronologically
• Works in Conjunction with Keystroke Detection & Reporting
• Advanced Compression
• Inactivity Timeout
• Automatic Resume of Recording
• Automatic Suspension of Recording
• Black & White or Color Recording
• Export to BMP or JPEG formats
• Export to AVI Video format
• Print any Saved Images

• Online Help

ACTUAL Email Recording

Sure, you can see all emails sent and received with the Snapshot Recorder, but you may have to go through many screen snapshots to find them.

With the Email Recorder built into Spector Professional Edition, emails are automatically saved for your later review. You simply click on the E-mail button, and you will see a list of all incoming and outgoing emails.

You will see whether the email was sent or received, who sent it, who received it, the Subject of the email, and the time and date the email was sent or received.

With a click of a button, all emails can be viewed by Sender, Recipient, Subject and Time/Date.

Click on a specific email, and you will see the contents of the email. With Spector Professional Edition, you even have the option of recording email attachments.

Now, you can look at all the emails received on a particular date or all the emails sent to or received from a particular person, all with one or two clicks.

Note: The Email Recorder captures SMTP-based email and AOL email. Spector Pro will take snapshots of anonymous emails such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Excite using the Snapshot Recorder.

E-mail Recording Features:

• Records Incoming & Outgoing SMTP Email
• Records AOL Email
• Records Web-based Email (via Snapshots)
• View/Open File Attachments
• Data Stored Chronologically
• Works in Conjunction with Keyword Detection & Reporting
• Forward Recorded Emails
• Print Emails
• Online Help

ACTUAL Chat/Instant Message Recording

With the Chat Recorder feature built into Spector Professional Edition, chats and instant messages are automatically recorded and saved for your later review. You simply click on the Chat button, and you will see a list of chat conversations.

Spector Pro will record BOTH sides of the chat conversation for the following popular chat services: AOL Chat Rooms, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.
(Snapshots of other chat services will be recorded with the Snapshot Recorder).

Chat/Instant Message Recording Features:

• Records AOL Chat Rooms
• Records AOL, MSN ICQ & Yahoo Messenger
• Records Other Chat/IM Programs (via Snapshots)
• Records Both Sides of Conversation
• Records Screen Names
• Data Stored Chronologically
• Works in Conjunction with Keyword Detection & Reporting
• Print Chat/IM Transcripts
• Online Help

DETAILED Keystroke Recording

Spector Professional Edition includes what many consider to be the BEST key logger on the market, saving keystrokes by application, by date and time.

With Spector Pro, you will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will also know WHO typed it because Spector Pro keeps a record of who is logged into the computer.

The Spector Pro Keystroke Recording tool will record EVERY key typed on the PC keyboard.
Not only can Spector capture keystrokes that are visible inside the Snapshots section, but it
can also capture "hidden" characters, such as the Shift and Ctrl key, and keystrokes that may appear differently on the screen than what is actually typed. Each keystroke is saved away in a secure hidden location on the computer.

Spector Pro will organize the keystrokes by the application they were typed in. Simply select an application, and you are presented with a detailed, chronological transcript of all keystrokes typed in that application.

Keystroke Recording Features:

• Records ALL Keystrokes
• Data Stored Chronologically by Application
• Works in Conjunction with Keyword Detection & Reporting
• Print Transcript of Keystrokes
• Online Help


Keyword Detection with IMMEDIATE Notification

One of the most powerful features of Spector Professional Edition is its advanced Keyword Detection and Notification. Create a list of "on alert" words or phrases and Spector Pro will continually monitor keyboard typing, URLs, web pages, incoming and outgoing emails, chat conversations and instant messages for these offending words or phrases.

When a keyword is detected, Spector Pro will automatically increase the rate at which it takes
snapshots. By default, Spector Pro will immediately start taking snapshots once every 5 seconds for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, Spector will go back to taking a snapshot based on its normal settings.

In addition, you can choose to have Spector Pro immediately send you an email notification when a keyword is detected. Each keyword alert contains the following information:

1. The keyword that was detected
2. The time the keyword was detected
3. The current user logged in to Windows
4. Additional detailed information (Example: the URL where the keyword was found)

You tell Spector Pro which words and phrases to watch out for - for example, "sex," "phone number," "where do you live," "are your parents home," "is your wife sleeping," "I hate my boss" - whatever YOU decide to include. You also tell Spector Pro where to send the INSTANT ALERTS (you specify your email address).

Then, when the person using the computer TYPES in one of these words or phrases, or when they are chatting and one of these words comes up, or when they are sending or receiving an email with one of these words or phrases, Spector Pro takes IMMEDIATE action and sends you an email letting you know exactly what is happening so you can take action.


Spector Professional Edition can be set to record on a schedule. Most people will want Spector to record at all times. However, there may be certain times of day, or certain days of the week where you do not want Spector to record.

For example, you use the computer at certain times of the day and you do not want your own activities recorded. Or, you are an employer and you want to allow your employees to use the computer during lunch breaks or after work and not record their activity during these times.

Scheduling allows you the flexibility to pre-determine what is recorded and when recording takes place. Set recording schedules by day of the week, time of day or Windows application being used.

Record By User ID

Record ALL users or narrow your focus to a specific user or group of users. Spector Pro allows you to identify specific Windows User Login IDs (for Windows NT, 2000 or XP) so that whenever they are using the PC, their actions are being recorded. Combined with the Scheduling feature, you can record ANY user, ANYWHERE on your network, ANYTIME of the day or week.

Stealth Mode

Worried that someone will be able to see or detect that Spector Professional has been installed on your computer? Don't worry! Stealth technology ensures that Spector Profesional Edition is completely hidden from everyone except you. It will not appear in the Windows System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or in the Add/Remove Programs Menu. Spector Pro recordings are protected by HotKeys that you choose and by Advanced Password Protection. Only you can launch or delete Spector Pro. You want the best, -- this ist it. The only thing more amazing than this product is the price!




Monitoring activity on your PC via software or hardware has only one drawback. Unless the target PC is right on site, you must travel to the location to retreive and view all of the captured data and keystrokes... That is, unless you installed eBlaster on the target computer! With eBlaster, midnight runs and clandestine trips to the computer to retrieve data are a thing of the past. Simply install the eBlaster software and all of the captured data will be secretly e-mailed to the address of your choice, anywhere in the world! You can monitor your computer even if you are on vactaion on a distant island!!! eBlaster is the only software of its kind which allows remote keystroke monitoring.

If you are you concerned about what your spouse, employees or children do on the Internet while you're away? You can't always be around to watch over their shoulders, so hire a second pair of eyes with eBlaster. eBlaster monitors their PC and Internet Activity by recording every web site they visit, every program they run, every keystroke they type, and all popular instant messages and chats. eBlaster then sends the recorded activity to your e-mail address as frequently as every 30 minutes.


eBlaster is the absolute easiest way to monitor PC and Internet activity from a remote location. Now you can record everything your children, spouse and/or employees do on their PC and have a detailed report delivered to your e-mail address - ANYWHERE in the world.

Once installed on a PC, eBlaster sends activity reports to a remote e-mail address you specify. Select how often eBlaster sends reports or use the intuitive Schedule feature for more precise timing.

Your eBlaster Activity Report can include any of the following:

Chat Room Transcripts (records both sides of AOL Chat Rooms)
Instant Message Transcripts (records both sides of AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and MSN Instant Messages)
Keystroke Log
Application Activity
List of all Web Sites Visited
Keyword Detection (you define the keywords that eBlaster looks for) Activity Chart
Screenshot as an attachment within your Activity Reports. (Optional)

Install eBlaster ONCE, and you no longer need physical access to the PC you wish to monitor. The Information comes to you, -- you don't have to go retreive the information. What could be easier?


eBlaster is extremely flexible, allowing you to specify the times and days of the week to record activity and send reports. Send reports as frequently as once every 30 minutes or once every day - it's up to you.


As a parent, you no longer have to wait until you get home from work to find out what your children have been doing on the Internet. If you have to be away for business, you don't have to wait days or weeks to see what your children have been doing online. You can now find out from anywhere in the world!

As an employer, you can get hourly or daily reports of all the web sites your employees are visiting, as well as everything they are typing. Are the mice playing while the cat is away? You'll find out with


eBlaster is fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000.



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The SuperMOLE

Every once in a while a truly ingenious device comes along. Unfortunately, many times those devices are either too expensive, or simply restricted for sale to the public. This is one such device that has fallen through the cracks... The SuperMOLE is the world's most sophisticated computer surveillance device ever devised. Unlike software based programs which can be detected and cannot log-in passwords and other required data, the SuperMOLE documents EVERYTHING! This increadible device has been revied by computer experts around the world leaving them with a stunned smile on their face. In brief, THIS DEVICE WORKS! When the government needs to monitor computer activity this is their first choice! Available in several different versions, each with it's own unique set of specialized features. All versions install in a matter of seconds with NO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL on the target computer. The device uses no batteries, and can be programmed off-site and installed at the target location days later without losing its programming! The SuperMOLE can be left to capture up to 2,000,000 KEYSTROKES OR ONE, (1) YEARS WORTH OF TYPING!!! (Depending upon which version is used.)

Advantages of The SuperMOLE:

It records every keystroke, even those typed in the critical period between computer switch on and the operating system being loaded.
It works with any PC operating system, and stores a continuous log even across multiple operating systems on one computer.

No software installation is necessary to record or retrieve keystrokes.

It has a capacity of up to 2,000,000 keystrokes stored with STRONG 128-bit encryption. (This is approximately 300,000 words, or 1 years worth of typing).

Impossible to detect and/or disable by using software.

It is very user-friendly, you do not need to know how to program to use it.

Simply plug the device into the keyboard cable.

The log in the SuperMOLE cannot be tampered with. It is an authentic record of what was typed, and therefore, it may be used as strong evidence in a court of law.

The SuperMOLE Professional at a glance?

Easy to install in a few seconds! Simply plug it in.
Powered from the computer. It doesn't need batteries.
Can be installed even when the target computer is logged out, has a password, is locked or even if it is switched off.
The device can be unplugged from the target computer and the keystrokes retrieved on another computer.

Over 2,000,000 keystrokes can be stored with strong 128-bit encryption in non-volatile flash memory (same as in smart cards) that doesn't need batteries to retain storage.

Works on any desktop PC & all PC operating systems, including Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, Linux, OS/2, DOS, Sun Solaris and BeOS.*

No software installation is needed at all to record or retrieve keystrokes.

Recorded keystrokes can be played back into any text editor using the developers "keystroke ghosting" technique.

Plugs into computers with a small PS/2 keyboard plug or a large DIN plug. Adapters are required to convert it to work with a large DIN plug.

Unlike software keystroke recorders, SuperMOLE records every keystroke, even those used to modify the BIOS before bootup.
Immune to magnetic fields, and is shock resistant.
It is very user-friendly, you do not need to know how to program to use it.
The log in the SuperMOLE cannot be tampered with. It is an authentic record of what was typed, and therefore, it may be used as strong evidence in a court of law.

Impossible to detect or disable using software.

Why do you need The SuperMOLE keylogger?

The SuperMOLE protects computer resources and increases computer security.

Several areas have been identified where a hardware device, like the SuperMOLE, is in great demand.

As a tool for computer fraud investigations.
As a monitoring device for detecting unauthorised access.
As a deterrent, to prevent unacceptable use of company resources.
As a back up tool which creates a log of all keystrokes typed on a keyboard.

"...but I could use a software 'key logger' program..."

As a user's technical knowledge increases, and weaknesses in software become well known, software keystroke loggers become less effective. If the user is capable of disabling or bypassing the security system (or manipulating the logs), then there is no record of the break-in or what has been done. Investigations of the computer break-in become very difficult, if not impossible. In addition, there is the added risk of the log file being stolen and its sensitive contents read.

Just how easy is it to install The SuperMOLE???

PLEASE NOTE: For Security Purposes, the device pictured above is only a REPRESENTATION. The actual device is injection molded and is disguised to emulate a common computer component...

1) Un-plug the keyboard cable from the back of the target PC.

2) Plug in the SuperMole to the keyboard socket on the back of the target PC.

3) Plug the keyboard connector into the SuperMOLE socket.


---> No software installation is necessary!

SuperMOLE II Professional Special Edition:

This model stores up to 2,000,000 keystrokes with 128-bit encryption. It is recommended for long-term monitoring and computer security control. This model is designed for government agencies, such as the police or drug enforcement, which are engaged in long-term computer investigations. A 'Turbo Download Adaptor' is highly recommended when using this model, as using 'Ghosting' to retrieve the keystrokes may take several days.



SuperMOLE II Professional:

This model stores 500,000 keystrokes with 128-bit encryption. It is recommended for medium to large organisations looking to add an extra security control to their computer systems.



SuperMOLE II Standard:

This model stores up to a maximum of 97,000 keystrokes with no encryption. It is ideal for monitoring a computer where security is not an issue. It may also be used as a backup device in situations where PC users cannot afford to lose a single thing thy type. Also, if parents want to monitor their children's Internet activity and e-mail communications.



SuperMOLE II Security Keyboard Professional SE:

This is an ordinary keyboard with a SuperMOLE Pro SE (2,000,000 keystroke memory) hidden inside (available in flat PS/2 or Natural style keyboard). It looks and feels exactly like any ordinary keyboard. It may be used as an extra security control where the user does not want a visible SuperMOLE Pro SE attached to the back of their computer. It is ideal for use in organisations that require constant, uninterrupted and transparent long-term monitoring of any number of computers. For protection of your data, keystrokes are encrypted (128 bit) and stored.



SuperMOLE II Security Keyboard Professional:

This is an ordinary keyboard with a SuperMOLE Professional (500,000 keystroke memory) hidden inside (available in flat PS/2 or Natural style keyboard). It looks and feels exactly like any ordinary keyboard. It may be used as an extra security control where the user does not want a visible SuperMOLE Pro attached to the back of their computer. It is ideal for use in organisations that require constant, uninterrupted and transparent long-term monitoring of any number of computers. For protection of your data, keystrokes are encrypted (128 bit) and stored.



'Optional' SuperMOLE Turbo Download Adaptor:

This adaptor allows you to retrieve all the stored keystrokes off a SuperMOLE II Pro or Pro SE in seconds via a high-speed link. Simply attaching the SuperMOLE to the adaptor, and running our SuperMOLE Serial download software retrieves the log. This unit is highly recommended for users of the SuperMOLE Pro & Pro SE.




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