If you don't think that crime is out of control in our society, take a look at the latest figures from the FBI crime index. In the blink of an eye you, or a loved one, could become the vicitm of a violent crime. The good news is that you don't have to sit back and wait your turn, we can put the odds back in your favor! DON'T BE PARANOID, -- BE PREPARED! Being prepared is the diffirence between becoming a crime statistic, and being a survivor.



Ladies, you can now have the element of surprise if you have to defend yourself! Makeup Pepper spray looks like ordinary makeup until the tip is removed. The perfect fashion accessory for the man who wont take no for an answer!





Your pen can become your protector in a split second. Self-Defense pen is a high-quality writing instrument and pepper spray weapon - highly effective up to 8ft. Away. Comes with FREE lifetime Pepper spray and ink refills.

$ 39.95



Straight out of Q's laboratory, -- our new O.C. Knock-Out ring is the ultimate in concealable self-defense weapons!!! Small and convenient enough to be carried with you anywhere and everywhere. Your would-be attacker will never know what hit him! With this little ring on your finger Just in case you haven't already figured it out, this ring carriers the punch of a full sized pepper spray unit. Compact, unique, elegant, and effective. Elegantly crafted in Silver and/or Gold plating with a genuine black onyx stone, The Knock-Out ring is the perfect self-defense ring for women or men. Ideal for protection against attack while jogging, dating, working or anywhere you or a loved one may be exposed to attack, rape, violence or a crisis. Because this ring can always be worn virtually anywhere, you will never have to walk defenseless again. Available in either Silver or Gold.

The Knock-Out ring uses the strongest pepper spray formula available on the market today. The formula has the one of the industry's highest heat rating of 2 million SHU (compared to a jalapeno pepper, which is 5000 SHU), which severely affects the mucous membranes (eyes and respiratory systems). The ring has 2-3 one second burst and has an effective range of 2 feet. THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT FOR SOMEONE YOU LOVE.

The Knock-Out ring formula can be used to deter assailants causing no permanent injury. Micro Pepper Spray Canister Hhidden Inside Ring is REPLACEABLE!

The Knock-Out ring is designed to be worn on either hand on the 1st (index) or 2nd finger preferably your dominant hand, with the thumb (or other hand if necessary) accessible to operate the safety latch and depress the trigger.

EFFECTS: In most cases, the attacker will lose control of his faculties immediately. The spray causes inflammation of the eye capillaries and all other mucous membranes, resulting in immediate temporary visual impairment, difficult breathing, coughing, choking, sneezing, severe burning sensations to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, and nausea, with acute symptoms and discomfort lasting for 45 minutes. There is no permanent damage.

1. To determine size: Wrap a piece of string or paper strip around the base of your index finger.
2. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle.
3. Measure the length of the section of string or paper where it overlaps around the finger.
4. Compare your measurement with the chart below to determine your ring size.

Ring Size........ Measured Size


Size (Index finger): 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13



Few things strike terror in the hearts of men like the experience, or even the thought, of being chased by an angry grizzly bear. Fortunately, few things strike terror into the hearts of grizzly bears like a man armed with our powerful new Alaskan Magnum Bear Guard! While this special chemical formulation is made from Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.) unlike our other sprays, this version is over 50% STRONGER than our most potent Law Enforcement and Military formulas! Bear Guard is hands down, the most powerful O.C. formulation available anywhere in the world. It has been rigorously tested and proven to be the only effective non-lethal means of deterring a bear. Bear Guard is available in either 225gm or 260gm versions, with both featuring seamless aluminum cannisters and a specially designed halon (fogger) valve for maximum saturation of the critter. Both units feature a Fog Spray pattern with a 30 foot range! Why take chances, protect yourself and your family on your next camping trip or walk through the woods. (Also proven to be extremely effective on critters of the two-legged variety...)


BearGuard - 225gm $49.95


BearGuard - 260gm $59.95



Now you can have the power of our amazing Law Enforcement Grade BG-X O.C. Spray in a pocket sized unit (1.5 ounces). Compact yet big enough to give any attacker the surprise of his life! A favorite of police officers around the country. $19.95


BG-2000 Keychain Unit

The BG-2000 is the latest in keychain pepper spray units. Mounted in a specially designed housing, the BG-2000 contains 1/2 oz. of 5% O.C. (oleoresin capsicum). Unit features an attractive, hi-tech grip system, thumb-activated safety lever, and integrated keyring. Far superior to other keychain designs. Proven chemical formula enables you to stop your attacker at the push of a button! Most customers purchase several units for themselves and their mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, etc. This is probably the cheapest life insurance that you can buy... $14.95


BG-X Police O.C. Spray

Most of you are already familiar with pepper sprays in one way or another. BG-X is the ultimate as far as "pepper sprays" go. Far superior to Mace, CN or CS Tear Gas, BG-X is specially formulated for our law enforcement and security customers. THIS STUFF IS HOT! REAL HOT!!! BG-X delivers a searing blast of 10% O.C. spray into the face of your attacker stopping him dead in his tracks. After extensive testing of all major brands, we have found this to be the best. Period. All units feature a "Halon Valve" for maximum saturation of target(s).
$14.95 (3oz.)
$19.95 (4oz.)
$29.95 (9oz.)


BG-X Police O.C. Foam Spray

BG-X FOAM takes O.C. sprays to the next level in effectiveness. Take everything we have said about BG-X and add a thick, blinding foam into the picture. The addition of foam to the mixture significantly increases your chances of incapacitating your attacker within seconds. Features 10% O.C. concentration for law enforcement use. (See photo.)
$19.95 (3oz.)
$24.95 (4oz.)

$14.95 (3oz.) Quantity:

$19.95 (4 oz.) Quantity:

LifePAGER LP1000

This product could save your life. Period. Disguised as a harmless "Pager" or "Beeper", the LifePAGER secretly hides TWO, (2) 1/2 oz. OC canisters containing a STRONG 5% OC formulation which fire simultaneously! Powerful enough to drop any size attacker. Twice the power of keychain units. Double the surprise element! Integrated safety
switch. $ 29.95



Introducing the ASP Key Defender OC, the latest offering from ASP. Unlike the standard "Kubaton" this unit has a powerful surprise for your attacker. A quick push of the thumb releases a powerful blast of OC Pepper Spray into the face of your would-be attacker. Because your keys are always attached to this unit, protection is always at hand (not buried in the botton of your purse or pocket.) Can also be used as a striking weapon in conjunction with your keys. Made of lightweight aluminum. Available in Black, Red, or Blue. Replacement OC cartridges are available. $35.00



Need a replacement cartridge for your ASP Key Defender? Here they are. Packaged in a convenient 2-pack. Only $14.95.



Recently everyone seems to be selling Mace and Pepper Sprays, right? How many places have you seen offer an ANTIDOTE??? None! Bodyguard Rescue is an exciting new product that helps counteract the effects of chemical defense sprays. Even more amazing is the fact that this special formula also doubles as an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Analgesic, Astringent, and Styptic (stops minor bleeding)! Can your decontamination spray make all these claims? BG Rescue contains powerful germ killing chemicals which kill dangerous germs on contact. Lab proven to be effective against hepatitus-B, Staphyloccus, Pseudomonas, & Gonorrhea. If you work in law enforcement, security, as a paramedic, firefighter, etc. you definately need to keep at least one bottle on hand for field decontamination. BG Rescue greatly lessens the chances of infection from harmful and hazardous germs and viruses. Packaged in a convenient pump spray bottle. Don't take any chances, order yourself a bottle today! $14.95




The patented formula in Sudecon® works faster and more consistently to clean up individuals exposed to OC, CS and CN than any other decontamination product ever formulated! It strips the chemical agents from the skin instantly and takes away the 'burn' and opens the eyes in just 7 to 15 minutes-or less! Sudecon Decontamination Wipes neutralizes pepper spray when running water is not available. Although there are a tremendous number of chemical defense sprays on the market today, there are surprisingly few solutions -- other than the suggested "copious amounts of cold running water..." Fox Labs, a Michigan-based manufacturer and an international marketing company, has introduced Sudecon, a wipe which decontaminates (without water) a person sprayed with OC and CS.


Similar to a wet wipe you get at a restaurant, Sudecon is a cloth-type paper wipe 7 1/2 X 11 1/2 inches containing a non-tearing liquid solution. Sudecon packets are sold individually, and you will need at least two packets to complete the decontamination process. The directions are easy to follow. First you tear off the top portions of a pouch and remove and unfold the damp cloth. Immediately place the towelette over your face and thoroughly wipe the OC and CS off your face, eyes, nose and mouth (you may notice the white towelette change color—this is the OC/CS being removed).

With eyes closed, using a second fresh towelette, squeeze towelette over the eyes allowing membranes to absorb the solution. (Squeeze towelette to extract solution.) It is of the utmost importance to squeeze the towelette over the eyes while allowing the liquid to flow around the eyes. After doing so, lay towelette over face to soothe burning sensation. Then continue to wipe the OC and CS off your face, concentrating on your eyes, nose and mouth. Do this until you can voluntarily open your eyes. Do not use water with the towelette; it will only dilute the decontamination formula.

Note: Some of the OC and CS will still be in your respiratory system, but you will experience a recovery of vision and the coordination of your eyes within 7 to 15 minutes.

Sudecon is a definite must have for any law enforcement agency, police officer, training officer, security academy, paramedic, or anyone who may come into contact with OC, OC/CS or other chemical deterrents. With Sudecon’s convenient packaging, an officer can easily carry a couple of packets in a pocket. Sudecon provides the officer with the most effective product available to decontaminate a suspect sprayed with OC, CS or CN. It also assists the officer in being able to quickly decontaminate themselves, their equipment and vehicle after they have used a chemical spray.

$3.95 (1)


$29.95 (12)


$99.00 (50)


$175.00 (100)





There are two catagories of energy weapons: STUN weapons and EMD weapons.

STUN WEAPONS: Traditional stun technology weapons operate in a 7-14 Watt range and interfere with the communication signals within the nervous system of the target. These stun systems primarily effect the sensory nervous system. Like static on the communication lines between the brain and the body, stun systems interfere with the human command and control systems. However, a small percentage of people with a very high tolerance for electrical stimulation can fight through the effect of these 7-14 Watt systems. The AIR TASER 34000 series is a stun weapon using the same settings used by law enforcement for over 20 years.

EMD WEAPONS: Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) is an entirely new category of weapon technology which uses a more powerful 18 to 26 Watt electrical signal to completely override the central nervous system and directly control the skeletal muscles. This EMD effect causes an uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissue, allowing the M-Series to physically debilitate a target regardless of pain tolerance or mental focus. The ADVANCED TASER M-Series are EMD weapons -- specifically designed to stop even the most elite, aggressive, focused combatants. Rather than simply interfering with communication between the brain and muscles, the ADVANCED TASER EMD systems directly tell the muscles what to do: contract until the target is in the fetal position on the ground. The ADVANCED TASER provides for maximum safety for both the officer and the subject by bringing dangerous situations quickly under control before force escalates to lethal levels.


FIREfly MINI STUN PAGER - 950,000 VOLTS ! ! !

It may be small in size but it is the most powerful stun gun currently on the market! How small is our new FireFly you ask? As you can clearly see in the photo above, it can easily fit into a pack of cigarettes. Unlike almost all other stun guns, the FireFly is powered by three, (3) Lithium Power Cells giving it tremendous power in a tiny package. While this may not seem like a big thing to most people, it is a revolution in the Stun Gun industry, -- especially when you consider how much energy is being discharged from such a small package. Traditionally, the higher the voltage of a stun gun the larger the unit had to be. Now you do not have to choose between a small stun gun that is easy to carry and conceal more a high-voltage unit that is large and bulky. Even though the small fry is the highest voltage unit on the market it is also a smallest on the market. It easily fits in the palm of your hand or can be concealed inside a pack of cigarettes. For those who would prefer to carry it in a holster we have included in a small heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop.

Worlds Strongest Stun Gun: at 900,000 volts, this is quite simply the highest voltage stun gun available. Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound an attacker with any sense at all will be stopped in his tracks. If the sight and sound doesnt stop them a jolt from this unit certainly will! When an attacker is touched by the Small Fry it will disrupt the message the brain sends to the voluntary muscles. Simply touching an attacker for three to five seconds will deliver a high voltage shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing him to his knees and making him incapable of further aggressive activity. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes and there is no permanent harm. Requires three 3 volt lithium batteries. A built-in Safety Switch must be pressed in before the unit will operate preventing accidental discharge.

*** As if this fantastic Stun Gun itself wasn't enough, this powerful self defense set includes three, (3) Lithium Batteries, (1) Nylon Carry Case, (1) 1/2 oz Pepper Spray Unit & Break-away Key Chain!



$89.95 - 950,000 VOLT SELF-DEFENSE SET


$79.95 - 650,000 VOLT SELF-DEFENSE SET


$69.95 - 350,000 VOLT SELF-DEFENSE SET




There are only two words to describe this unit. RAW POWER. Just the sound of the new Stun Master 775,000 volt stun gun is enough to scare almost any attacker away. For those dumb enough to try to take you on however, just five seconds of contact with this beauty will leave them on the ground writhing and contorting in pain begging you not to shock them again.

Please note that Stun Guns in general does NOT use pain to compel compliance from the attacker. Instead, stun guns use high voltage and low amperage to temporarily disable an attacker for several minutes. The energy stored in the gun is dumped into the attacker’s muscles causing them to do a great deal of work rapidly. This rapid work cycle instantly depletes the attacker’s blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid. In short, he is unable to produce energy for his muscles, and his body is unable to function properly. The stun gun also interrupts the tiny neurological impulses that control and direct voluntary muscle movement. When the attacker’s neuromuscular system is overwhelmed and controlled by the stun gun he loses his balance. Should you be grabbing the attacker when you stun him, THE CURRENT WILL NOT PASS BACK TO YOU. (You will not be shocked, -- only your attacker!!!) COMES WITH A FREE CARRY HOLSTER -- A $15.00 VALUE! Powerful, Intimidating & Effective. If you are looking for power, this is the stun gun for you.

Life-Time Warranty
Disable Pin: There is a disable pin attached to the end of the wrist strap. This prevents an attacker from taking the stun gun away and using it on you. The wrist strap is worn around your wrist and plugs into the bottom of the stun gun. If the stun gun is taken away from you the disable pin will pull out, preventing the stun gun from working.

Life-Time Warranty
Disable pin
Safety wrist strap
Safety on/off switch
Rugged, heavy-duty design
Uses four Energizer 9-volt batteries






Any security expert will tell you, the most effective security devices are the ones that look completely innocent to the bad guy (until you use it on him!) This new generation of security flashlights are the perfect companion for walkers, joggers, and the elderly. Made of high quality ABS engineered plastic, this unit functions as a very powerful high voltage (200K) shock generator and an extremely bright flashlight in a very small and light weight package. Why risk being a victim when you can carry one of our special security flashlights and easily defend yourself against muggers, rapists, thugs and animals. This unit emits a very powerful and loud discharge which is sure to scare away any potential attacker. If that doesn't convince them, you've got 200,000 VOLTS OF STUN POWER in the palm of your hand! Our 200,000 VOLT STUN FLASHLIGHT features built-in recgargeable ni-cad batteries and comes complete with it's own charger and extra bulb. Uses the latest electric "pulse" stunning technology. Comes complete with a leather carry case. Charges in 4 hours. Size: 8" long X 1-1/2" diameter.




All the power of the larger 200KV Stun Flashlight above in a more compact package! This new generation of security flashlights is the perfect companion for walkers, joggers, and the elderly. Made of high quality ABS engineered plastic, this unit functions as a very powerful high voltage (200K) shock generator and a flashlight in a very small and light weight package. Why risk being a victim when you can carry one of our special security flashlights and easily defend yourself against muggers, rapists, thugs and animals. This unit emits a very powerful and loud discharge which is sure to scare away any potential attacker. If that doesn't convince them, you've got 200,000 VOLTS OF STUN POWER in the palm of your hand! Our MINI 200,000 VOLT STUN FLASHLIGHT features built-in recgargeable ni-cad batteries and comes complete with it's own charger and extra bulb. Uses the latest electric "pulse" stunning technology. Charges completely in 4 hours. Size: 6" long and 1" diameter.




Made of high quality ABS engineered plastic, this unit functions as a very powerful high voltage (200K) shock generator and an extremely bright flashlight in a very small and light weight package. Compact yet powerful, this unit emits a very powerful and loud discharge which is sure to scare away any potential attacker. Our 200,000 VOLT MINI STUN GUN W/FLASHLIGHT features built-in recgargeable ni-cad batteries and comes complete with it's own charger. Simply slide the AC prongs out of the unit and plug-in to recharge. Uses the latest electric "pulse" stunning technology. Comes complete with a leather carry case. Charges completely in 4 hours. Size: 4/1/2" long X 1-3/4" wide X 3/4" thick.




While we offer many different styles and shapes of stun guns, some of our clients simply love our baton style stun guns. Some like them for the look, some like them for the power, some like them for the extra distance that the baton puts between them and the attacker, and some simply love them for the sheer intimiation factor. The only problem with most batons is the size. That is until now. Our new Mini Stun Baton may only be half the length of our other two stun batons, but it has over two times the power of our 200,000 volt baton! This is quite simply the smallest, most powerful stun baton anywhere. The perfect combination of power and lightweight convenience. • Comfort grip • Lightweight • Wriststrap • Lifetime Warranty • 9" x1 5/8" • Uses two 9 volt • 500,000 Volts • Easy to carry • Requires 2 9-volt Batteries (Sold separately)





Heavy duty nylon holster for 500,000 volt mini stun baton. Comes with integrated belt loop and sturdy snap closure. The perfect way to carry and store your baton.





The Pulse Wave Myotron was specifically developed for use by the F.B.I and used by specialized government and state law enforcement officers and agencies. In simple terms, these two devices are the most sophisticated non-lethal stun devices ever produced anywhere in the world. Whereas all other stun devices use a static discharge technology, the Taser uses a patented "T-Wave disruptor signal", and the Myotron uses a Pulse Wave Technology.

This Pulse Wave specifically targets and intercepts and neutralizes brainwaves from the motorcortex (voluntary muscle control) and hypothalamic (aggression) regions of the brain within an amazing a 1/1000th* of a second! (* can take over 1 second for signal to reach this region). The Myotron uses 28 to 30 kwatts vs. 7 to 20 kwatts for stun guns. When the attacker is touched by the Myotron the signal travels through the system along with the shock until it reaches the brain. Once there he willl be immobilized and disoriented. He also will be likely to collapse, loose bladder control and be completely immobilized for up to 30 minutes. The attacker will remain conscious and somewhat alert with no disruptions in involuntary movements but will be passive and unable to stand or walk. It will stop any human or beast! (does not include large bears or beast with a total body weight of over 500 lbs.)

The Myotron "Checkmate" Pulse Weapon was recently evaluated by Sandia National Laboratories, at the request of National Institute of Justice, to determine the accuracy of manufacturer claims. The manufacturer states that the Myotron is over 5 times more powerful than the average stun gun! Testing of a purchased model revealed that the product has one of the highest electrical outputs for stun guns. The Myotron can deliver up to 10,000 test bursts from the powerpack. The device "intercepts and neutralizes brain waves from the motor cortex (voluntary muscle control) and hypothalamic (aggression) regions of the brain," which produces no side effects.

Manufactured of extreme high quality polycarbonate plastic, the Myotron is nearly unbreakable. The Myotron is protected by our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty, which means that even if you should drop the device and it stops working, we will repair or replace the unit free of charge.

The Myotron is rated at 25,000 pulse watts (actually much stronger than our 300K to 500K- voltage stunning device). Stun guns are typically 7 to 20 watts @ 65K to 500K volts. The Myotron has been tested by an independent lab and the reports indicated the highest electrical outputs available for any stun device (Source: National Institute Of Justice, Sandia National Labs). The Myotron will put down an attacker amazingly fast. This alone can make the Myotron more effective then a handgun.

One demonstration was recently videotaped in front of CIA, FBI and Justice Department representatives. They broke out in applause after a female volunteer used the Myotron on a career criminal volunteer. He fell back, collapsed, and remain incapacitated. Yet he recovered completely within 30 minutes. The Myotron sales personal video shows an attacker dropping to a fetal position after receiving a jolt from this unit device

One of our own customers recently reported that a paid volunteer was willing to undergo a full "hit" from the Myotron. The purpose for this was for an article. The volunteer received the Myotron shock and the last thing he remembered was...pain. The assaulted man likened it to thousands of pins and needles all over his body. "Absolute pain beyond belief!" That was from a second!" ---- "It is horrible," says Myotron company CEO. "It is no toy." The Myotron overrides voluntary--but not involuntary--muscle movements, so the victim's vital functions are maintained.


The Checkmate has 25,000 pulse watts. Unit comes complete with a slipcover, safety switch, wrist strap w/key ring attachment, 59-page owners manual, demo video and long-life lithium battery pack. Stops even those under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. No charge-back to you if you are holding or touching the attacker. The 25,000-pulse watt delivery system is different from stun gun voltage. Pulse wattage is extremely effective in its ability to "put down" an attacker! 20 Year, 10,000 use Lithium Battery Included!

Cost is $249.99


The Checkmate Black Widow is designed for law enforcement use and features a higher power output of 32,000 pulse watts. The more powerful Black Widow is the latest and most advanced version of pulse watt delivery technology. It delivers even more pain to the attacker, features a slightly louder electrical discharge sound, and offers you the strongest protection money can buy. It also features gold-plated hardware for premium pulse watt discharge under adverse conditions and offers a slight advantage in long term hardware protection. Unit comes complete with a slipcover, safety switch, wrist strap w/key ring attachment, 59-page owners manual, demo video and long-life lithium battery pack. If you want the absolute best, -- this is it...

Cost is $329.95

This item is no longer available.



For quite some time now our customers have been asking for an effective, yet extremely small stun gun. After searching the world, and weeding through a ton of "junk", we are pleased to announce that we have finally found a solution, -- The Viper Stun Pen! Designed to be extremely concealable and non-threatening, our new stun pen is the ultimate in non-firearm back-up weapons. Cleverly disguised as a pen, this tiny device will pump out an amazing 200,000 volts of electricity into your startled attacker. Perfect for everday carry in your pocket, purse, car, etc. Uses the exclusive static discharge delivery system for maximum effectiveness. Operates on (2) AAA batteries (not included). Features two very sharp probes that enable you to penetrate through layers of clothing and even thick jackets. Comes complete with a nice faux leather carrying case that resembles that of an expensive pen. Built with pride in the USA and featuring a limited Lifetime Warranty! . Don't allow yourself or your loved ones to go unprotected another day when the solution is just a few keystrokes away? Get yours today!





Once only available to Law Enforcement, this powerful 500,000 volt stun gun is one of the most powerful and best electronic stun devices available anywhere in the world. The power and quality of this unit sets the standard by which all other stun guns should be judged. Compact, yet incredibly powerful, this bad boy can put some serious hurt on the bad guys. Be one of the few to own this fantastic personal protection device. Extra heavy-duty design. We pre-test every Muscle Man stun gun and stun baton within 36 hrs of shipment! All units arrive with an inspection sticker, date tested and inspectors name/ #. Two 9-volt battery power (not included). Detachable belt clip. Size: (5-5/8" h*) x (2-3/8" w) x (1-1/4" d**) *Height does not include voltage release prongs. **Depth does not include detachable belt clip. 5 year warranty against defect.





Introducing the worlds most powerful stun gun, -- The SUPER STUNNER! Mere words are simply not sufficient to convey the sheer power of this incredible device. Just a few years ago this kind of power in a hand-held stun device was unthinkable! Unthinkable or not, we've got them and they are now available to you for the first time ever. NO Special License Required. NO Law Enforcement Only Restrictions. 100% Non-Lethal. Unlike other cheap stun guns on the market, our stun guns utilize sophisticated static-discharge technology. This technology ensures faster knock-down times and a better, more effective shock. How effective is this device? When used against an attaker, a one second shock will cause muscle spasms and dazed mental state. A 5-second shock can leave attacker feeling as if he fell out of a two-story building and landed on a concrete sidewalk! Stun times in excess of five seconds can cause confusion and related effects for up to fifteen minutes.





The Superwand is the latest offering from Garrett, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech detection equipment and makers of the widely-recognized "Super Scanner" also featured above. The powerful new hand-held metal detector is designed specificall for the demanding needs of security and law enforcement applications. The SuperWand is a slender detector with a new ergonomic grip designed to fit comfortably in every hand, the Garrett SuperWand offers smooth handling and easy operation with a one-touch button and three-color LED display—all to provide precise 360º detection of all ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects. The new Garrett SuperWand delivers optimum sensitivity with automatic retuning, while requiring absolutely no adjusting. Users can choose between a clear audible or silent vibrate/LED alarm signal. Red, green and amber LED lights provide the user with instant operating-mode information. The SuperWand’s rugged injection molded construction features a structurally separate coil for increased impact absorption. Weighing only 16 ounces, the SuperWand’s sleek dimensions—3 in. wide, 19 in. long, 1.25 in thick—enhance its easy handling. A single 9 volt battery is included to provide up to 80 hours of normal operation. The new Garrett SuperWand’s performance features make it ideal for the widest range of applications calling for precise hand-held metal detection, including airports, schools, courthouses, special events, hospitals, government facilities, banks, entertainment facilities, corrections institutions, manufacturing plants, company facilities, and law enforcement. The SuperWand is the newest addition to Garrett’s product line, one of the world’s largest offerings of walkthrough, hand-held and ground search metal detectors for security and law enforcement. One year warranty.





Throughout history, and even today, the most effective weapons have always been those that provide the user with an element of surprise. A "Trojan Horse" if you will. Often times we place ourselves in places or situations where carrying a weapon, even concealed, is simply not an option. To not do so however would just be plain stupid. This dilema has been solved by our amazing "Cellphone Stun Gun". To everyone but you, this device looks like a sleek, yet very non-threatening cellular phone. However, unlike a regular cellphone this bad boy packs 180,000 volts of electricity that will light up even the toughest of attackers at the push of a button! As if this wasn't enough, it also conceals a built-in 130 decibel siren to draw attention and help to you immediately! This truly amazing device is a must have for gadget lovers and security conscious persons alike. Comes complete with a genuine leather case with belt clip and woven wrist strap. Operates on one 9-volt battery (not included). Dimensions: 6" x 2" x 1" (L x W x H) Weight: 5.3 ounces. Note: This unit is a Stun Gun ONLY and Does Not Work as a real Cell Phone.




Who says a great self-defense device has to be expensive? Our powerful 90,000 Volt Thunder Fire is our lowest priced stun gun and a true bargain. Priced much lower than less powerful units on the market, the Thunder Fire means business. Powerful, non-lethal, & very effective. Walkers, joggers, college students, nurses, night workers, senior citizens, security officers, -- everyone needs some type of device to protect themselves. Because of this fact, this little beauty makes an excellent and very unique gift. Powered by one, (1) 9-volt Battery (not included.)




This is the world's smallest 100,000 volt stun gun. Compact, yet amazingly powerful. Easily concealed. Can be carried on the body or in a purse with ease. Features a built-in belt clip. 100% non-lethal. Powered by one, (1) nine-volt battery. Fits easily in the palm of your hand (4.72" x 2.3" x 1.2"). Built-in safety switch to prevent accidental discharges. Comes with wrist strap. Ideal for joggers, power walkers, or anyone who refuses to become a victim. Priced to sell! $59.95


400,000 Volt. Yes, we said 400,000 Volts of sizzling POWER!!! Just saying it runs make the hair on the back of your head stand on end. This is the one of the most powerful, and reliable handheld stun guns currently available anywhere in the world. Incredible stopping power. Devastatingly effective. Powerful enough to drop event the toughest of attackers regardless of physical strength, size or weight. Powered by two, (2) 9-volt batteries (not included.)
400KV-S (Straight) $89.95


500,000 VOLTS! Yes, half-a-million volts of sheer stun power in the palm of your hand. Folks, it just doesn't get any better that this. A few years ago this much power in a hand-held unit was unthinkable, -- much less possible. Today it can be yours with the click of a few buttons. This is the most powerful handheld stun gun currently available anywhere. Incredible stopping power. Devastatingly effective. Powerful enough to drop event the toughest of attackers regardless of physical strength, size or weight. Powered by two, (2) 9-volt batteries (not included.)
500KV-S (Straight) $99.95



This bad boy is the latest advancement in electronic Stun Technology. 500,000 Volts of sizzling stun power in a tiny baton format. A favorite of Bounty Hunters and security professionals alike, the stun baton delivers a searing 500,000 Volts of electricity into your attacker rendering them dazed and confused. The loud crackling and brilliant electrical arch generated by this baton are so impressive that you can usually gain compliance without even having to actually use the unit on the subject! Also, because the entire shaft is electrified, it is virtually impossible for a subject to take the unit away from you by grabbing onto the baton. VERY COMPACT AND EASY TO CONCEAL. Operates on two 9-volt batteries. (not included)



The Dual Defense System is one of the most advanced self-defense systems currently available anywhere. Extremely versatile, this incredible device can be used up close as a conventional "Stun Gun" by using the Thunder Strike Stun Gun by itself, or it can be used up tgo 17 feet away as a Police-style "Taser" by simply snapping on one of the amazing Lightning Strike Cassettes. The Dual Defense system uses a high voltage blast of electricity to completely immobilize an attacher with just one shot.

It can completely incapacitate an attacker with just one shot for up to 15 min. A 38 caliber hand gun only has aboaut a 60% rate of incapacitating an attacker. A Taser however, has an instant incapacitation rate of 85%!!! Even more impressive is the fact that this device is just as effective NO MATTER WHERE YOU HIT THE ATTACKER. The arm, leg, chest, etc. any one of these areas is sufficient to deliver the incapacitating blast of energy. Even a handgun can't deliver this level of stopping power by without hitting a vital organ...

The unit is compact and small enough to be carried anywhere, -- even a purse. When fired, the DDS projects 2 high speed probes. As the probes hit the attacker, a high voltage current passes from the probes to the attackers body. The attackers nervous system is completely disrupted. Just a short blast of 4 sec. will make the attacker unable to control his muscles, dazed, and confused. It will leave the attacker incapacitated for up to 15 min. Legal in most states. Check local laws before ordering.






A "stun-gun" is a small handheld electronic device originally designed to enable law enforcement officers to contol unruly suspects without having to use physical force, or cause the suspect permanent injury. These devices send high-powered electronic pulse waves through a subjects body thereby scrambling the body's electrical system. The effects can range from painful muscle twitches, disorientation, to unconsciousness. Works any size attacker, -- despite vast diffirences in size or strength. Since their introduction there have been many improvements in the original design. Some of these improvements include increased power, lower cost, and smaller size. We offer you the finest, and most powerful stun-guns currently availble anywhere.

100,000 Volts of sizzling protection. Compact design with fingergrooves, wrist strap and convenient (detachable) belt-clip. Powered by two, 9-volt batteries. Shockingly effective. 100KV-S (Straight) $69.95 - 100KV-C (Curved) $69.95


200,000 Volt. If 100,000 volts is good, just imagine what you can do to your attacker with 200,000 volts of raw power! Powerful enough to drop event the toughest of attackers.
200KV-S (Straight) $79.95 - 200KV-C (Curved) $79.95


300,000 Volt. This is the most powerful handheld stun gun currently available anywhere. Absolute stopping power. Powerful enough to drop event the toughest of attackers regardless of physical strength, or weight.
300KV-S (Straight) $89.95



Introducting an exciting new concept in personal protection devices. Our new Stun "N' Spray combines the take-down power of a powerful 200,000 volt stun gun, with the stopping power of O.C. The 1/2 oz. O.C. spray is built-in! Comes complete with belt-clip, on/off switch, and wrist lanyard. Now you don't need to choose, give your attacker a devastating one-two punch. $89.95.



Opeating on the same effective principles as a conventional stun gun, our line of stun batons enable you to neutralize your attacker while maintaining a safe distance. A favorite of Bounty Hunters and security professionals alike, the stun baton delivers a searing 200,000 Volts of electricity into your attacker rendering them dazed and confused. The loud crackling and brilliant electrical arch generated by this baton are so impressive that you can usually gain compliance without even having to actually use the unit on the subject! Also, because the entire shaft is electrified, it is virtually impossible for a subject to take the unit away from you by grabbing onto the baton. Operates on two 9-volt batteries. (not included) $129.95


This electronic defense system is the latest advance in personal protection devices. Compact in size, the AirTaser fires a twin barbed dartpack at your attacker dropping them in their tracks by delivering a stunning volts of T-Wave electricity from up to fifteen feet away! A fresh dartpack may be re-loaded in under one second. Far superior to conventional "stun guns" as there is no need to come into contact with your target. Should the need arise, the unit will also function as a powerful conventional stun gun easily dropping any size attacker. As if this system wasn't amazing enough, the Air Taser is also available with an optional LASERSIGHT which gives you pinpoint accuracy every time. The laser sight alone is a tremendous deterrent as it produces a 1-inch dot at 100 yards! Once activated, the lasersight shows both you and your attacker(s) exactly where you are going to hit them, -- giving you a huge psychological advantage! Although the AIR TASER uses extremely advanced technology, it is very simple to use: Simply pull back the safety slide, point, and and press the trigger. The AIR TASER’s microprocessor is pre-programmed to administer a 30-second TASER-Wave discharge -- so you don’t have to worry about how long to hold down the button. Or, you can turn the unit on or off at your discretion. Because the AIR TASER transmits powerful T-wave pulses into your attackers nervous system, a hit ANYWHERE on the body can be effective (see chart above). Thus, it is much easier to use than sprays or firearms which require a hit to a specific zone of the body. Yet, despite all this technology, the AIR TASER requires NO MAINTAINANCE other than replacement of its 9-Volt alkaline battery when the battery indicator shows the battery is low. Comes complete with one Airtaser, two dartpacks, instructional video, special practice target, 9V Battery, and hard carrying case.
$269.95 (Airtaser Kit)
$399.95 (Airtaser with Laser Module)
$ 59.95 (3 - Replacement Cartridges)
$150.00 (Airtaser Laser Module)
$ 49.95 (Shoulder Holster)


$399.95 (Airtaser with Laser Module)


$ 59.95 (3 - Replacement Cartridges)


$150.00 (Airtaser Laser Module)


$49.95 (Shoulder Holster)



The new Advanced Taser M-18 series has almost 100% effectiveness rating. It combines the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum leap in stopping power via new Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. In police studies, the new Advanced Taser has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun. The Advanced Taser shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. 50,000 volts travels over the wires and over-rides the central nervous system providing incredible takedown power.

$399.95 (Cannot be shipped to Massachusetts)




This unit is identical to the standard M-18 with the exception that the M18-L has a BUILT-IN LASER sight. Unit comes complete with a practice target, plastic carry case and 4 replacement Air Cartridges.

$599.95 (Cannot be shipped to Massachusetts)





You can now pack close to a million volts of self protection on your hip. No one will even notice, because the Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun looks almost like a Blackberry, or other hand held mobile device.

With a dazzling 975,000 volts, the Hot Shot stun gun has the power of Mickey Mantle’s bat, combined with the element of surprise. A short blast from this almost invisible personal and powerful protection device will give anyone silly enough to attack you an exclusive muscle massage that will render them incapable of managing much more than drooling for about five to ten minutes.

This sleekly designed super stopper is equipped with a safety switch and an illuminated red light that tells you it’s ready to unleash hell on your aggressor. Comes with three lithium batteries and detachable stainless steel belt clip. “Best Quality/Best buy.” Order yours today, and stand strong everywhere.

Stun Devices can not be shipped to New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, or the city of Philadelphia, PA



If you are looking for a tiny stun gun with BIG stun power, these two models are for you. These two units offer a unique, ergonomic slim design which is perfect for females or persons with smaller hands. Available in powerful 100,000 and 300,000 volt models. To use this or any of our many stun guns one only has to touch an attacker anywhere on the body for three to five seconds. This will deliver a high voltage, low amperage shock, causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes, yet there is no permanent damage. Because of the unique slim design, compact size, and power of these two units, they are a favorite of our female customers. Not sure about the quality of this stun gun? All Z-FORCE stun guns have a lifetime warranty.

Slim design and ergonomic grip allows the stun gun to fit into smaller hands
High voltage, low amps defends against attackers without causing permanent damage

You can not suffer a shock even if the attacker is touching you while you are "stunning" him.

100,000 Volt Z-Force SM: $39.95


300,000 Volt Z-Force ST: $49.95





Right Handed Holster - $124.95


Left Handed Holster - $124.95



If you carry an Advanced Taser for Duty, Bail Enforcement, Security Work or even just personal defense, the Air Cartridge Holder is a MUST HAVE. This simple device quickly and easily attaches to the bottom of the Advanced Taser and stores one extra cartridge. Give yourself the confidence and extra protection of having an extra Air Cartridge at your fingertips and ready to deploy in a matter of seconds!





Undercover operations require inventive self-defense options. The ubiquitious baseball cap is so common that no one ever gives it a second thought. Brandon Enterprises and now now offers the "Sap Cap", a low-profile covert weapon that draws no attention until it is brought into action. Based upon a standard type baseball cap, the Sap Cap has a hidden pocket of weighted material giving the wearer the ability to use the cap much like a blackjack or sap in a self-defense situation. (Just use the bill as the handle and then use the cap as an impact weapon.) The secret of the Sap Cap is the pocket of a unique impact material which is 110% the density of lead. And unlike lead, it is non-toxic and won't rust. Color: black. One size fits most.




The oriental version of Brass Knuckles. Extremely effective. All steel construction. Solid feel. To be used with extreme caution in self-defense situations only.




Forget cheap plastic or wooden Kubaton's, our latest offering is bright chrome and fashioned from steel.




This beautiful Kubaton features a new twist on an old design. This Kubaton features integrated fingergrooves for non-slip manipulation, and a tapered end specially designed for making sure that your attacker gets the point.




Based on the world famous Kubaton, this slick little unit conceals fouw, (4) all steel throwing dards inside its hollow steel shaft. Features a built-in keyring.




This modern version of the oriental Nanchuku enables the unit to be disguised and carried as a normal night stick or baton. The unit converts into a nanchuku with a simple twist of the two baton ends. Rugged construction. Please check local laws for legality before purchasing.




The Extend-A-Chuck is a combination of old world and new world self-defense designs. The full size Extend-A-Chuck can quickly collapsed and carried in it's holster (included) with ease. Unit extends to a full size nunchuku with a quick flick of the wrist. (Shafts expand much like the ASP tactical batons.) Very unique. Please check local laws for legality before purchasing.




Same size, same shape, -- half the weight! They may be lighter then brass but the are undoubtedly no less effective when the chips are down... These are unique in that the original "knuckles" were never available in aluminum. A great addition to any collection. Excellent conversation piece. SOLD AS A PAPERWEIGHT ONLY!




"Brass Knuckles" Paperweight

You've heard about them for years. Brass Knuckles, "Equalizers". Although there are many toy and novelty replicas on the market, ours are made on the same machinery used to produce them for the Chicago Police Department back in 1920! That's right, the bad guys weren't the only ones who used these devices. Heavy, solid brass construction. Excellent conversation piece.




The Mini-Baton has been carried on the keyrings of police officers for years. Although simple in design, this device can be extremely effective when properly applied. Features an integrated keyring and swivel top. Color: Black. $9.95




The "Stinger" is a unique new personal protection device that can be carried with you anywhere. When held properly, the Stinger automatically aligns itself with the bones of the arm thereby transferring the kinetic energy of your punch to it's blunt power-point. Even when being carried in the ready position, the carry hand retains over 50% of it's normal dexterity. Put some "sting" into your punch. Get yours today! Color: Black. $9.95



The Ninja Keyring helps you get a "good grip" on your keys and simultaneously provides you with a very effective means of getting your "point" across to a would-be attacker. Rugged, All-Steel Construction. Color: Black




The Tactical Sap gloves from Damascus are the only police gloves good enough to carry a U.S. patent. Six ounces of powdered lead is carefully built into the knuckle area of these tough but pliable deerskin gloves. This quality makes them ideal as an inconspicuous defensive weapon. With our Sap Gloves, you don't need to be Mike Tyson to have instant "knock-out" capability. Devastate your attacker. In addition to these gloves unique striking qualities, the powdered lead also protects the backs of the wearers hands against sharp blows. Why settle for the cheap immitations sold by others when you can have the real thing. Color: Black. Specify Size: 7, 8 , 9 ,10 , 11 , 12, 13.




These guys need no introduction. Still in use by many police and "special interest" agencies around the world. Professional grade construction. USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION.

BLACKJACK, 14 oz. $24.95

BLACKJACK, 8 oz. $19.95

KYDEX HOLSTER FOR 14 oz. $19.95



This expandable spring baton or "cosh" as it is also know, is extremely effective as a defensive weapon. Unlike the ASP Tactical Baton's listed below, this baton will not break bone. However, it will cause your attacker intense stinging and pain when struck. Use with extreme caution.



These unique batons are the latest in uniformed and plainclothes impact weapons. They are deceivingly inconspicuous, yet devastatingly effective against an attacker. These are the exact same units that are now being issued to the F.B.I., D.E.A., Secret Service, and hundreds of police departments across the country. These units are made of precision machined steel with two telescoping shafts which collapse into a comfortable black matte foam cushioned grip. The baton may be instantly extended and locked into place using just a quick flick of the wrist.
Color: Black.
Available in three sizes:
F16B 6" collapsed - 16" extended. $59.95


F21B 7" collapsed - 21" ext" extended. $64.95


F26B 9 1/2" collapsed - 26" extended. $69.95



This training video for the ASP Tactical Baton is the most comprehensive and complete guide on the many defensive uses of this unique baton currently available. Topics covered include carrying and gripping methods, retention techniques, restraint and control, use of force, and easy to learn street-proven baton techniques. Produced by John F. Peters, Jr. (62 minutes.)



ASP BatonMirror

The BatonMirror is a tactical search mirror made exclusively for use with the ASP Tactical Baton. This compact device allows you to safely look around corners, into doorways, under seats, under vehicles, etc. without putting yourself in harms way. Facilitates your ability to quickly search a vehicle for weapons or contraband on felony car stops. Quickly and easily attaches & detaches with one hand. Should you suddenly come under attack while using your BatonMirror, you already have a use-of-force weapon ready and in your hand. Each mirror is convex for an enhanced field of view. Small enough to conveniently stow away in your shirt pocket (Only 3" in diameter.) Doubles as an observation mirror when transporting prisoners, -- just clip it to your sun visor for a better view of your prisoner in the back seat. (Baton not included.)




- 16" $16.95
- 21" $16.95
- 26" $17.95



This innovative new hi-tech holder from Blade-Tech securely retains a Tactical Baton of any size in either the open or closed positions, yet allows for instant access with either a top draw or a break-front deployment. Constructed from black heat-formed Concealex, this nearly indestructable holder will provide you with years of dependable service.




If you've been wanting and ASP Tactical BATON but haven't been able to afford one, this is your lucky day! The STRIKER expandable baton is the best "knock off" of the ASP line of expandable batons that we have ever come across. Same heft, same feel, same features, PLUS it comes complete with a really nice ballistic nylon carrier at no extra charge. Let your conscience be your guide. Quite possibly the next best thing to the real thing... Available in two sizes: 21" $39.95 and 26" 49.95
Color: Black. Use with extreme caution. $39.95



If you are a Bounty Hunter, or know anyone who is, you probably already know what a "Bean Bag Gun" is. Because of their effectiveness and their legendary less-than-lethal attributes, they have long been a favorite among bounty hunters and bondsmen. However, because of the fact that the original models were powered by a powder charge, they came under the control of the BATF making them illegal to own by non-law-enforcement personnel. Enter the PNEU-GUN. The PNEU-GUN is a professional grade ballistic baton system which utilizes compressed air, via a CO2 powerlet, to expel it's non-lethal payload. Once activated, the powerlet is instantly pierced releasing 1,000 pounds of energy. This force drives the is the two-ounce lead shotbag out of the barrel with a muzzle velocity approaching 300 feet per second!!! When the shotbag hits a subject, the results are quick and highly effective. The strike or blow delivered by the shotbag has been described by many as the equivalent of getting hit squarely by a professional heavyweight fighter. Will stop a 300lb man 20 feet away!!! Also, because the unit is made of heavy aircraft grade aluminum, it can also be used as a conventional striking baton. Excellent for Law Enforcement, Fugutive Recovery, Security Officers, Joggers, Walkers, etc.


AG1 Pneu-Gun Ballistic Baton - Standard Kit

Includes airgun, 3-1/2" barrel (makes length 14"),4 shotbags,6 C02 cartridges, 10 gas checks and end caps, loading cartridge, & instruction book.

"This product is no longer available."

AG2 Pneu-Gun Ballistic Baton - Law Enforcement Kit

Special Law-Enforcement Mofel includes airgun, 12" barrel (makes length 24"), 4 shotbags, 6 C02 cartridges, 10 gas check and end caps, loading cartridge, & instruction book.




Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the Dog Chaser produces a discomforting but not harmful, high frequency sound, audible to dogs but not to humans. This is the ideal unit for walkers, joggers, delivery persons, meter readers, etc. Stop and deter the approach of unwanted dogs from up to 15 feet away. Also, a useful aid in training dogs.



dazer.jpg (5430 bytes)DAZER

The Dazer is a handheld ultrasonic dog chaser which utilizes high frequency sound waves to deter angry dogs.  Theses sound waves are completely inaudible to humans and cause absolutely no permanent damage to the animal.  Ideal for joggers, walkers, delivery personnel, and security  professionals.  Safe, effective and recommended by veterinarians.  Can also be used as an effective training aid.  $39.95  








Please Note: The following figures are averages derived from actual testing under controlled circumstances. Individual results may vary...


A Stun Gun is an electrical self-defense device that uses high voltage to stop an attacker. Touching a person with the prongs on the stun gun quickly immobilizes the attacker. However, because the amperage is very low, no serious or permanent energy is inflicted. Scientific tests and years of field testing by police departments have proven the Stun Gun to be safe even when used on persons with heart conditions or even a pacemaker.

The Stun Gun is specially designed to key into the nervous system. Once triggered, it dumps its energy into the muscles at a high pulse frequency that makes the muscles work very rapidly, but not efficiently. This rapid work cycle depletes blood sugar by converting it into lactic acid all in just a matter of seconds. (Lactic Acid is what makes your muscles sore after a hard work-out at the gym.) The resulting energy loss makes it difficult to move and function. At the same time, the tiny neurological impulses that travel throughout the body to direct muscle movement are interrupted. This causes disorientation and loss of balance and leaves the attacker in a passive and confused condition. Still, there is no significant effect on the heart and other organs.

One of the best things about a Stun Gun is the fact that they are effective against almost any attacker regardless of height, cweight, or physical strength.



While the exact effects of Stun Guns vary from person to person, as a general rule the following effects have been disclosed under controlled testing conditions.

STUN/CONTACT TIME (1/2 SECOND): A one-half second contact will repel and startle the attacker, giving some pain and muscle contraction.

STUN/CONTACT TIME (2 SECONDS): A one to two second shock will cause your attacker to experience pain, muscle contractions, muscle spasms, and a dazed mental state.

STUN/CONTACT TIME (3 SECONDS): A three to five second shock will cause your attacker to experience pain, muscle contractions, muscle spasms, loss of balance and/or muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation.



While the Stun Gun will work on any part of the body, the following tareget areas are recommended for maximum results:

- Upper Shoulder

- Upper Hip

- Below Rib Cage



The Stun Gun is a non-lethal personal protection device that is legal to carry and use in most states. It is not classified as a firearm. Because local laws vary, purchasers should check the law in the area of intended use prior to purchase.



Brandon Enterprises and is proud to offer the finest Self Defense and Combat tactics video series currently available anywhere. After evaluating many different courses, systems, and videos we have found this entire series to be far superior to anything else that we have seen. Self Defense, ASP Baton Tactics, and Combat Shooting, -- each unique course is personally taught by a true master of the art, J. Kelly McCann. His straight forward, no-holds-barred approach teaches techniques and tactics that are proven to work in the real world. See for yourself why this is the man who trains the military's elite fighting forces. We highly recommend all of these videos.

3 - Tape Set

by Jim Grover

Jim Grover is a real-world operator who knows what works and what doesn’t from violent personal experience. In this exclusive three-tape series, Grover presents step-by-step instruction in his easily learned, exceptionally brutal and effective system of hand-to-hand combat. Combining the best elements of combat-proven military combatives, hard-core street fighting and his distinctive in-your-face attitude, Grover covers every aspect of unarmed fighting, including basic strikes and kicks, combination sequences, realistic combat ground fighting and defenses against a variety of stand-up attacks. He also teaches you how to survive the scary world of close-range weapons, providing detailed instruction in unarmed defenses against knives and handguns andhis combat-proven stick fighting system. As Jim Grover says, “The only dirty fight is the one you lose.” Videos are nonreturnable; defective tapes will be replaced. Color, approx. 155 min. total.

Price: $99.95



This book by noted ex-SAS instructor Barry Davies provides a great introduction to the world of self-defense. It covers everything from environmental awareness to mind set to getting fit and staying fit. Then on to basic self-defense, with an emphasis on defense with common objects such as coins or pens. It also includes chapters on common attacks, defensive moves, protecting your property, vehicle safety, travel and much more. A self-defense book for anyone who lives in the real world. (1997, 254 pages.)




Few things are more frightening than facing an armed attacker with only your bare hands to defend yourself. Master-at-arms James Keating has developed a revolutionary new system of empty-hand defenses against weapons. Unlike many martial arts that rely on complicated disarming techniques that are different for each weapon, this system is based on universal movements that are equally effective against all handheld weapons. This easily-learned system will greatly enhance your self-confidence and your chances of survival against an armed attacker. Volume One covers knives, impact weapons, and handguns. Volume Two covers long weapons such as rifles, shotguns, baseball bats, etc. Get the unarmed advantage you need to be a survivor instead of a victim.

Un-Armed and Dangerous, Volume 1 $29.95


Un-Armed and Dangerous, Volume 2 $29.95



The following videos are the work of Vladimir Vasilev, former Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz) soldier and instructor. The skill level of this man in self-defense are second to cone and he is held in the highest regard by those in the know. Mr. Vasilev came to North America in the early 90's and currently runs a school of Russian style martial arts in Canada.


This video must be seen to be believed. Vladimir teaches the use of very common items as self-defense tools. Each item is shown in use in many different ways so that it trains your mind to look for options of use as well as options in deployment of common items. Some of the items covered include wallet, credit card, belt, hat, watch, book, eyeglasses, etc. This video is a must for anyone who wants to be armed without carrying any "weapons". (105 Minutes)




Learn how to protect yourself when inside your car in this age of carjackings. This video teaches what to do when you're unarmed and seated in the vehicle and someone points a gun at you, puts a knife at your throat or stomach, grabs you by the hair or clothing, puts a rope around your neck, or tries to kick, punch, or pull you out of your car. This is the only video of its kind on the market. (60 Minutes)




This video examines unarmed knife defense and contains over 35 truly effective techniques against all possible knife attacks. Detailed explanations and insights to uncover the secrets of what makes these moves so absolutely devastating yet are so simple to apply.




This video offers a whole new outlook on what it takes to overcome an empty handed or knife-wielding opponent. When you're traveling or in a situation in which weapons are not permitted, this video shows you how you can overcome your adversary with just a strap, towel, piece of rope, etc. For instructional purposes in the video, a common bandana is used to distract, attack, and disarm the attacker. Learn how to strip a knife out of your attacker's hands with something as common as a bandana! Essential for travelers or anyone who works where weapons are nor allowed or may be inappropriate such as in schools, courtrooms, jails, airports, etc. Very eye-opening and informative. (50 Minutes)




This video gives you what we all want to learn about but don't have the time to spend in a martial arts school -- reliable self-defense techniques which can be learned and implemented by anyone. Presented in an easily learned format, using split-screen and slow motion, this unique and effective method of self-defense consists of a block and a counter-strike, just two moves to learn. Top physical conditioning and years of training are not needed to master the technique. This is a powerful form of self-defense developed by a martial arts expert with the average person's need for a simple, effective way to defend themselves. (40 Minutes)



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