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If you have been searching through our online store looking for a great deal, you've come to the right place. Here you will always find quality equipment at significantly reduced prices. In our neverending quest for the best and most unique equipment that the world has to offer, we sometimes find ourselves with an oversupply of a certain item that we wish to liquidate. In this section we have also placed our various Closeouts, One-Of-A-Kinds, Dealer Samples, Demo Units, Blems, Retired Rental Equipment, Customer Returns, Overstocks, etc. Because of this fact, you never know what you will find here!

Night Vision, Body Armor, Firearms, it could be ANYTHING, -- and we do mean ANYTHING! If we carry it, were thinking about carrying it, or simply don't want to carry it anymore, you could find it here at some time or another... CHEAP!

Not impressed? As a small token of our appreciation we routinely slip in one or two "regular" items at 30%, 40%, and even 50% off the normal price JUST TO MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE! Ocassionally we will offer great pieces of equipment ABSOLUTELY FREE to those lucky few who catch these unbelieveable offers and respond in time! Hows that for a Great Deal? To take advantage of one of these special offers however, you must check back OFTEN. In order to promote fairness, (remember guys we're dealing with multiple time zones here...) winner(s) will be randomly selected from the timely e-mail responses derived from our offer(s). All winners will be notified by e-mail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Quantities on these items as well as all of our "Hot Offers" are strictly limited to stock-on-hand. First come, -- first served. Sorry, there are no returns or exchanges on the items featured in this section. Prices listed do not include shipping.


How would you like to have a micro-sized flashlight that comes with batteries, works great, looks great, is Guaranteed for LIFE, and NEVER needs batteries again, period! Sound too good to be true? Introducing the ASP Sapphire Light. The Sapphire Light from ASP is an amazing innovation in micro lighting technology. This slick, compact unit produces a high-efficiency, non-deteriroating solid state beam which provides soft illumination with a 180' viewing radius that's visible from ove a mile away. It's flat and very compact enabling it to fit comfortably in your pocket with zero bulk. The built-in coil spring tension clip also enables you to attach the unit to your zipper or key ring. The tension clip opens smoothly and closes automatically. The lamp is a special Sapphire Crystal L.E.D. with a 100,000 hour rating and is powered by two, (2) 3-volt Lithium batteries (included). Even the lamp and batteries are covered by ASP's lifetime warranty so the Sapphire Light will provide you with a lifetime of service, whenever and wherever you need light. The frame is made from Xenoy resin with a stainless steel insert and the body is constructed of forged aluminum. Activation is by means of an intermittent tactile dome switch. Just in case you didn't fully understand the warranty, EACH UNIT IS COMPLETELY GUARANTEED BY ASP FOREVER! Length: 2.37". Width: .95". Thickness: .34". Weight: .55oz. Colors Available: Black, Blue, Red, Pewter, Gold, Violet.

Quantity Remaining: 24

Retail: $19.95

Colors Available: Random

Closeout: $13.50




These previously issued Police Size O.C. sprays show slight wear on the labels due to daily carry in a holster on a duty belt. However, these units have NEVER BEEN USED OR DISCHARGED. All of these units were originally issued to our security officers on a Federal GSA contract. When the contract ended, these units were turned back in with the rest of the gear UNUSED. Despite the fact that they have not been used, we cannot sell them as "new." Because of the special price and the extremely high quality of the O.C., these are ideal for use in departmental training exercises, walkers, joggers, delivery personnel, etc. At 10% O.C. concentration, you cannot purchase this concentration of O.C. at your local store! This is Law Enforcement Strength!!! For those of you who want the highest level of OC protection at a rock bottom price, -- this is your chance. Pick up a couple today. One of these little beauties just may save you life or that of a loved one.

Quantity Remaining: 50

Retail: $24.95


1-2 Units: $6.95 each


3-6 Units: $6.00 each


7 + Units: $5.00



A working Sony Camcorder for $150.00? You Bet. We promised great deals in this section and we deliver!!! This Sony Camcorder was retired from service some time back and has been nestled away in our equipment room. Originally used by our investigators for field surveillance and documentation of evidence, this unit comes as a complete package with many accessories. The accessories alone are worth the $150.00 price. (The NiMH batteries by themselves are worth $35.00 each, are "universal" and will work on any Sony, Sharp, Panasonic or JVC 8mm Camcorders.) At this price, this would be an ideal unit for extreme sports or for adventures where you wouldn't want to risk damaging your $500 - $1,000 unit. Won't last.

Quantity Remaining: 1

Retail: $ UNKNOWN

Closeout: $150.00



This compact Motorola cellular telephone features a flip-down keypad cover, three speed dials, and tons of features. Built to last. Great reception. Telescoping antenna. Slightly used. Like New condition. Comes complete with desktop charger (not shown), 2200 mAh battery for maximum talk time (2 days standby, 5 hours talk-time), and cigarette lighter adapter. This is a fantastic bargain. The battery alone is valued at $89.00! The cigarette lighter adapter sells for $35.00 at any electronics store. We'll even throw in a protective leather case & carry strap! 

Quantity Remaining: 1

Retail: $250.00

Closeout: $99.00


If you are looking for a small handheld cellular telephone, with excellent reception, excellent battery life & talk-time, and tons of features, this is the phone for you. This Sony handheld is BRAND NEW. It has never even been charged! Comes complete with one, (1) battery pack, desktop charger, ear-bud headphones, and full-instructions. No box. This is a fantastic deal. Won't last long....

Quantity Remaining: 1

Retail: $280.00

Closeout: $150.00


Now is your chance to own the world famous Motorola Star-Tac, one of the smallest cellular telephones in the world today! Even better is the price, -- we're practically giving it away! BRAND-NEW. NEVER ACTIVATED. NEVER EVEN CHARGED! Comes complete with charger; one, (1) battery; belt clip carrier; and full instructions. No box. Jump on this one before it gets away!

Quantity Remaining: 1

Retail: $320.00

Closeout: $150.00

TPS-5500 Total Protection System

The TPS-5500 has three, (3) of the most desirable features built into one single device. To accomplish what this one device does on its own, you would normally have to purchase up to three separate pieces of equipment. Features include: a TRANSMITTER DETECTOR capable of detecting any transmitter between the ranges of 1 to 2,000 MHz., a WHITE NOISE GENERATOR or SIGNAL DISRUPTOR, and a TELEPHONE LINE ANALYZER or PROTECTOR. The telephonic portion of this system will detect RF Taps, Series Taps, Parallel Taps, Line Impedance Taps, as well as any uninvited extension phone eavesdroppers.

Quantity Remaining: 1

Retail: $795.00

Closeout: $499.00

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