The name is Bond, James Bond. If you love gadgets as much as we do then you'll love this section of our virtual store. Here you will find some of our favorite gadgets. As with all areas of this site, this section is updated frequently so check back often...


TV TERROR - TV Remote Code Interceptor

Imagine being able to walk into any Store; Restaurant; Bar; Salon; Waiting Room or Airport and withing seconds sieze control of virtually any television you see. Change the channel, Raise or Lower the Volume, Mute the sound, or even turn it Off or On! You no longer have to be forced to watch a channel or program you don't want to, and all without ever leaving your seat! Our amazing new TV Terror remote controller keychain allows you take control of virtually any TV, discretely, and with absolutely zero programming or technical knowledge.

TV Terror automatically intercepts a TV's remote control coding information, enabling it to function as a "clone." It allows the user to turn the TV on or off, change channels, control the volume, mute, etc. It can even "grab" the coding information while the target TV is turned off! Each unit features a special high intensity LED for maximum range.

You now can have the ability to control what you see and hear wherever you go - bars, waiting rooms, the neighbor's house - anywhere there's a TV. You will not believe how much fun you can have with this little device because it is always with you hanging right there on your key chain.

The TV Terror automatically scans nearly all of the TV codes in existence, and when it determines the correct one for the target TV, it captures and stores it. Most TVs take less than 10 seconds, a few can take up to 60 seconds. Once you have locked-on to the correct frequency, that TV belongs to you! From that point on all buttons function instantly. It's simple to use. If the target TV is turned off, just aim it at the TV and hold the red "on" button down until the TV turns on. That's it - you now have control over that TV! If you want to intercept the code discreetly while the TV is turned on, then hold down the TV Terror's mute button until "mute" appears on the TV screen. It's easy to re-program for use on a different TV - just aim it at the new TV and repeat this process.

Very compact size for discreet deployment (it's only 2.25" x 1.5" x .25"). But don't let its small size fool you; it's actually a sophisticated digital micro-computer. Works on 85% of all TVs. Powered by one CR-2032 3-volt battery (included).




TV-B-Gone™ is an amazing new gadget that has the power to turn off virtually ANY television set! Model II now in stock, see below for improvements!

As it only has one button, it's incredibly easy to use:

Point the keyfob-sized unit towards a TV set
Press the button once (no need to hold it down)
- the remote will then send out a sequence of "off" codes for virtually every television
Keep pointing it at the TV until it turns off
- 90 percent of televisions should turn off within the first 17 seconds, although it cycles through every code in it's database within 69 seconds

After it emits all of the "off" codes, your TV-B-Gone™ even turns itself off!

TV-B-Gone™ works best when used under 7 metres from the television set, although in optimum circumstances can work over twice that distance!

TV-B-Gone™ works on the same principle as your TV's normal remote control. It cannot hurt your TV or anyone else's TV.

TV-B-Gone Model II is the latest version, available now! Although it looks identical, the new model features a number of improvements:

Instant Restart - the sequence of OFF signals can now be restarted mid-cycle, so no more waiting over a minute for the full cycle of codes to be completed before having another go
Discrete LED indicator - to show you when its transmitting the magical "off" sequence
Improved battery life
TV fans may spot an alternative use for TV-B-Gone™ - the "off" signal is actually a "power on/off" signal that can also be used to turn on TVs that are switched off!.


"Like x-ray specs, the invisibility suit or the ever-lasting doughnut, it sounds too good to be true.. The device runs through some 209 infrared codes which control more than 1,000 models of TV, and ought to disable most sets within 17 seconds."
"A new keychain gadget that lets people turn off most TVs - anywhere from airports to restaurants - is selling in the US faster than it would take most people to surf channels."
"If you regularly call on friends or family only to find them slumped semi-comatose in front of Trisha, or have ever found yourself viewing anything involving Vernon Kay, then you may well be in need of a TV-B-Gone.."





Every since Caller-Id hit the market, we began to receive calls from customers wanting to "block" Caller-Id. Our answer was the innovative Caller-Id Blocker. The phone companies fought back with Anonymous Call Rejection service. Soon thereafter, we began to receive calls from customers wanting to "Change" or "Control" what appears on the other person's Caller-Id. Up until now there simply was no way to control the data stream coming from the telephone company. THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!!!

Introducing the Caller-Id IMPOSTER.


Defeats Caller Id

Defeats "Anonymous Call Reject"

Makes ANY number you want appear on the other persons Caller-Id.

Defeats *69

Defeats *57 Call Trace

Enables you to make a Digital Recording of the telephone call.

Designed and used extensively by Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Bounty Hunters, and Security professionals alike, the Caller-Id IMPOSTER service is an invaluable investigative tool. Our Caller-Id IMPOSTER comes to you in the form of a special calling card. To use the system simply call the toll free number, enter your special pin number; enter the number that you want to appear on your targets Caller-Id unit, then enter the target telephone number. Your call will then be immediately connected showing a modified Caller-Id data stream. Whether your call is a local call or long-distance, the time is deducted from your account exactly like a pre-paid calling card. As the system does not distinguish between Local and Long Distance calls, all calls are billed at the same rate.

Because of the sophistication of the enhanced Caller-Id system, many times the system will automatically cross-reference the phone book listings and display the name that is associated with that particular number. Cell phone Caller-IDs functions differently and will only accept numbers and no names. However, if you have a specific telephone number stored in the cellphone's memory, the phone will the name that you have pre-programmed for that number. (For example "Susan" will show along with the number on their Caller-ID).

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the nature of this product, and the potential for misuse, this system is designed NOT to work on calls to 911 and toll-free numbers. It will not work on international calls, except for calls made to Canada.

* * * Telemarketers and debt collectors are prohibited by federal law from falsifying or hiding the telephone number from which they are calling. By ordering this product, you agree to use it only for lawful purposes. Caller-ID Controller also offers the option to digitally record a conversation. However, depending on the state that the call is made from and to, it may be a violation of state laws to record a telephone conversation without informing the other party.

$24.95 - 60 Minutes


$39.95 - 120 Minutes




Many of our private sector clients have requested a means by which to protect their property against trespassing and destructive ATV traffic. In response to these requests, we have just released our new "Mini" Portable Roadblocks. Unlike their bigger brothers, these units have been specifically designed for use against ATV tires. Don't let their small size, portability, and instant deployment capability fool you. These devices are extremely effective.

Because of their ingenious design, no matter how they are thrown on the ground, at least one point will always land facing straight up and ready for action! Create an instant barrier. Just a couple of handfulls of these little beauties will protect specific problem areas on your propety against tresspass. Fight back now! Use with extreme caution and discretion. Color: Silver. Sold in boxes of 5 units.






Lots of companies are making and offering "baby monitor” cameras. However, when was the last time you saw a low-cost system that enables you toPAN & TILT the camera remotely? Ours does exactly that. In addition to providing you with great daytime video images, it also has 10 built-in infrared illuminators which enable you to see your baby, your kids, or your target in total darkness from up to 20 ft away!!! Wireless battery operated remote pan/tilt/LCD monitor controller allows for an incredible 187 degree horizontal rotation angle and 60 degree vertical rotation angle. This increadible system also comes complete with a 2.5” LCD-TFT video monitor which provides excellent picture quality. Built-in audio lets you know when baby is in need. “AV out” allows for recording or viewing on TV or Monitor.


Remote Control/Monitor

2.5 “ LCD-TFT Screen 480 x 234 Resolution

Night Vision up to 20 Ft.

Built-in Audio

330 Ft. Transmission Range

2.4 GHz





This is a fantastic little surveillance setup. Not only do you have a tiny wireless video camera that can be hidden virtually anywhere, it also comes with it's own handheld reciever with a built-in COLOR video monitor! As if that wasn't good enough, instead of having to connect your receiver an external video recorder, this unit comes with a micro DVR recorder built-in!!! That's right, everything you see can be recorded onto an SD memory card. The system features a Hi-res mini "pocket DVR" with AV input, LCD and continuous Time/Date overlay, a 4-channel 2.4Ghz receiver and a wireless color mini camera. Records for over 6 hours on a single charge with the built-in lithium ion battery. This multi-functional system includes a bonus! Great for monitoring children and elders, as well as theft prevention, after-hours surveillance, body worn surveillance, home security, etc. Video stored on SD card. (not included)


2.4Ghz Wireless Receiver
MPEG-4 Recorder / Player
2.5" TFT LCD Screen
882 x 228 Resolution
Rechargeable Li-Battery for Receiver
6 Hours Recording on a single charge
Supports High Speed 2.0 USB
SD Card Slot
Receiver/DVR size 4.2" x 2.7" x .75"
Small Size (about the size of a deck of cards)





Designed for environements where conventional camera systems are impractical, this unique new wireless covert camera setup is and ideal "quick drop" solution. Great for use in interrogation rooms for law enforcement agencies. Completely concealed inside this coffee mug is a tiny CCD camera and video transmitter. Ideal for portable and quickly movable applications, operates on 8 "AA" batteries for up to 12 hours. Our color model automatically switches to B&W in low light. Available in four different channels, up to four units can work simultaneously. Line of site range is 1000 feet. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and ambient RF interference at your location. Available in low light B&W and Color/BW (auto switching). Unit includes four channel digital receiver, AC adaptor for receiver and RCA connector cable. (Audio not Available)ML/W/BW-Wireless B&W

$299.95 - Wireless B&W

$399.95 - Wireless Color


As technology advances, the covert audio recording options that are available to you continue to expand. A perfect example of this is our amazing new 008 Digital Watch Recorder. Not only does it look great and keeps accurate time, it can secretly record over 9 FULL HOURS OF DIGITAL AUDIO!!! Ideal for the gadget lover; as a unique gift; or for recording notes on the go; taking dictation or reminders. This is a very nice looking watch with a rugged, well-built feel to it.

Listen to dozens of your favorite MP3 music files with the included stereo earphones or on your computer using windows media player. USB interface cable included for quick connection to your computer.

Internal Rechargeable Power

This feature packed recorder includes an integrated rechargeable power system. With the built in rechargeable battery you have the freedom to move about freely to record your audio files or play your MP3 files. This unique watch has the ability to record for up to nearly 9 hours between full charges. A separate battery powers the time so your watch will keep time even when you have consumed the recorder / player power source between charges.


Our personal watch recorder / media player is a stylish time piece with audio recorder and MP3 Player all in one. The microphone is cleverly positioned allowing you to clearly record your voice without obstructing the microphone as you sport this advanced recorder on your wrist. No need to carry large bulky devices when you can wear our recorder / player on your wrist. So cool even James Bond himself would be proud to wear this watch.

Practical Uses

This watch is ideal for the Serious Investigator, Police Officer, Business Professional, or Student.


9 hours recording
USB interface
AC adaptor
256Mb memory
Internal rechargeable lith-ion battery
MP3 Recorder/Player

Package includes:

MP3 watch
Stereo earphones
USB interface cable
AC adaptor
Instruction book
Driver disc (needed for windows 98 only)


SALE $199.95



If you're the kind of person who loves the outdoors, and loves to take your music with you, -- these glasses are the @#$%! Why pay $395.00 for a pair of Oakley Thump Sunglasses when ours will do the same thing, look just as good, and cost $150.00 less? Just think. No more wires, no more headphones, no more ear buds, and no more MP3 player to fall and break. Our MP3 Xtreme Sunglasses feature a high quality MP3 Voice and Music recorder, a built-in microphone (YES, THEY WILL COVERTLY RECORD AUDIO), and stereo ear buds all fully integrated into a stylish pair of sunglasses. Extreme Sunglasses also pack 256MB of built in memory which will allow you up to 18 hours of voice recording or 8 hours of music play back in WMA and MP3 format. Using the USB connection, attach the Sun Glasses to your PC for file playback and file transfer. Simple to use and easy to operate the Voice Recorder Sunglasses are a must have for your Gadget collection! These cool sunglasses glasses also feature a shock resistant design, high quality UV coated lenses making these glasses ideal for those with active lifestyles.

MP3 and WMA format
USB interface
256MB internal memory
Portable storage
Built in Microphone
Attached Stereo Earphones
Power saver (shuts off after 2 minutes of non use)
Internal Rechargeable battery
Windows media player compatible
Driver needed only for Windows 98 or below

Voice Recorder Sunglasses with attached stereo earphones
USB cable
AC adapter
Carry case
Driver CD for Windows98 and below




You've been asking for it and we've delivered. Now you can record your telephone calls directly to your PC/Computer using our new PC Phone Spy Interface. Why pay as much as $299.00 for similar units when ours does the exact same thing for only $99.00? To install simply loading the included software onto your computer, and plug your phone into the PC Recorders’s dual outlet. Next, simply plug the PC Recorder's audio cable into the MIC “IN” on your computers sound card jack and follow the directions on the software to begin recording. It’s that simple. The software allows you to save and replay calls.

Requires sound card on PC
Works only on single line phones
wav trw w/memo
MP3 w/memo

PC Recorder
Phone cord





Our new Digital Wrist Watch Camera features 8MB of SDRAM memory; stores 78 photos a high resolution (QVGA 640x480) or 312 photos at standard resolution (QCIF 320x2400). Downloads to your computer via included USB cable. Includes free photo editing software disc. Also keeps great time! Ideal for those hard-to-get shots where a full size camera is not an option... Makes a Great Gift.


Memory size 8M SDRAM
Lens 1/4" fixed
Exposure Mode Auto
White Balance Auto
Self Timer Delay 10 secs.
Exposure Speed 1/60 - 1/1500 sec.
Frame Rate 12fps: 8fps Max
USB Cable included


SALE $89.00




Great on-the-go tool featuring a very slim "card" type calculator and quality digital camera in one "shirt pocket" size unit. High speed transfer of images to your computer via included USB interface cable. 8K internal memory stores 32 images at high resolution (1280 x 960 pixels) and 117 images at standard resolution (640 X 480 pixels). Also may be used as a PC camera. Set includes free Arcsoft Photoimpression and Arcsoft Funhouse software CD for editing images.


Electronic Coupling Element CMOS sensor 300K pixels
Image Resolution (SXGA setting) 1280 X 960 pixels
Image Resolution (VGA setting) 640 X 480 pixels
Shoot Modes single/continuous/automatic shoot/PC cam
Viewfinder built-in
Shutter Speed 1/6 - 1/15000s
Power 4.2V lithium battery (cam) 1.5V button battery (calc)
Transmission Interface USB 1.1


SALE $99.95


How do you snek a camera in to a place where cameras are not allowed? How do you capture photographic evidence without arising suspicion? You carry one of our digital spy cameras! of course! This particular unit looks like a pen, writes like a pen, but is also conceals a digital color camera. Stores 36 pictures in an on-boad memory which can be downloaded at a later time to your computer via USB cable (included). Great for covert applications. Snap candid photos at a board meeting, photograph wrong-doers in the act, photograp a competitor's products at trade shows or retail stores. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The latest version of our famoug Digital Spy Pens Camera feature 2MB of internal memory and is capable of storing up to 36 160 x 120-pixel images. This camera even has a voice function that lets you know how many images have been taken and when the power is on or off. Includes software and serial cable (RS-232) for downloading images to PC. It also has a built-in pen so you can write when the need arises. Includes 4 standard "coin cell" batteries, USB cable, software CD, instruction manual, and deluxe hard travel case.


Photo Quality: 20,000 pixels, 160x120 pixels
Photo Format: 24-bit RGB color BMP
Storage: Built-in 2 MB SDRAM storage for 36 photos at 160x120
Lens: CMOS, auto exposure, auto white balance
Shot Mode: Single snap, video capture frame
Shutter Speed: 0.3 ms - 18/120 second (auto)
Voice Prompt: English
PC Interface: Com port cable
OS Support : Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP or above
Work Temperature: 5 - 40 degree Celsius
Power Supply: 2 x CR13 Button Cell
Weight: 60grams
Dimension : 150(H)x143(W)x30(D) cm

Accessories included:
CD-ROM with software for photo download and video capture
Com port cable for photo transfer with PC
User Guide in English
4 button cell batteries
Elegant black color gift box


SALE $99.00



Binoculars are great for observing activity that is far away from you. The problem is how many times have you seen something through your binoculars and wished that you could have captured it either on film or video??? Enter our Digital Binocular Spy Camera. If you can see it, you can either photograph it or take up to 100 seconds of live video! How cool is that? Our Unique 4-in-1 Digital Binoculars Camera features a specially designed 5X telescopic lens. Combined with its high speed shutter, the built-in digital camera produces amazing freeze-frame action pictures. Stores 75 images in VGA (640 x 480 resolution) or 300 images in CIF (352 x 288 resolution). Also records video clips (up to 13fps). Images easily download to your computer via included USB cable and software disc. Why do we call these "4-in1" you ask? Binoculars + Digital Camera + Digital Video + PC Camera.


Image Sensor 300K pixel CMOS sensor
Internal Memory built-in 8M x 8B SDRAM
File Formats 24-bit JPEG
Interface: USB REV 1.1 for fast downloads.
Shutter Speed: 1/4-1/10000 second
Lens: Fixed F2.8mm
Power: 2xAAA battery/USB
Auto power off after 30 seconds to conserve battery life.
10-Second Self-timer for both photos and video capturing.
(2) Resolution modes - High (HI) for VGA resolution, up to 75 pictures.
Video mode - No sound - AVI 9fps Up to 100 seconds.
Status LCD display.
Dimensions 96mm(H) x119mm(W)x49mm


SALE $99.00



Need to power one of our devices from a cigarette lighter? Setting up a covert video system in a car or van? This is the way to do it! Our handy cigarette lighter adapter features a 2.1mm X 5.5 DC Plug Which Allows You To Power Any Camera Or Wireless Device Purchased From Us.





Tired of using multiple space consuming AC Adapters and Battery Packs? Our professionally manufactured clever "Y" adapter makes your covert install clean,
compact, and professional. Now you can simultaneously power TWO SEPARATE DEVICES by simply plugging-in one of our battery packs or regulated AC adapters into the single end, and then plugging-in two other dc devices into the other two connections. Excellent for powering both a wireless transmitters and a cameras, two cameras, two transmitters, etc. DC plugs measure 2.1mm X 5.5mm which is the CCTV standard. A exclusive!





If you think that this is just another simple web cam you are absolutely WRONG! THIS IS A FANTASTIC NEW WEB CAMERA PHONE WHICH WILL ENABLE YOU TO NEVER PAY FOR A LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE CALL AGAIN!!! Have DSL or Better? If you currently have high speed internet service such as DSL or Better, you can now enjoy free telephone calls over IP WITH FAST CLEAR VIDEO. Unlike the major suppliers in this market, we provide free continuous service. No monthly fees, EVER. Simply purchase the hardware and load the included software and you're on your way. You may never pay for a long distance phone call again.

DO NOT CONFUSE this model and operating system with typical web cameras using netmeeting and other ILS servers. This is a true peer-peer camera phone. I personally wanted no part of the web camera business until I used this device. I've since purchased dozens for friends and relatives. It is fast, it is high quality, and it is truly a feature rich tool making the internet a powerful and ECONOMICAL communications tool.

Imagine seeing AND SPEAKING to loved ones across the country or overseas. Imagine sharing high quality, fast video at no charge. The audio is VERY CLOSE to a land line based telephone. I currently use the cam phone to discuss production and sourcing issues with 16 domestic and overseas manufacturers. I save hundreds of dollars a month in International phone charges and I ACCOMPLISH MORE as I am also able to see my new products first hand and our sessions
are far more reliable as we are visually in front of one another.


While one on one cam phoning is extraordinary, imagine the ability to host an audio/video conference. You can host up to eight visitors simultaneously. Seeing and hearing all eight members!! If eight people talking simultaneously sounds convoluted, simply click on "chat", and create your own internet style chatroom instantly.


Need to share digital presentations? Simply click on "file transfer" and demo your latest powerpoint or other popular application to all conference members simultaneously. Or, open a whiteboard panel and literally draw your idea or concept real time to all conference attendees.


This is an Attractive, well designed and constructed camera phone. Need Technical Assistance? We understand our customers. Simply call our tech support center and one of our degreed engineers will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. If you are even a modest computer user, you will be able to self-install the most powerful internet tool to date within minutes. Send a cam phone to a friend or loved one AND STOP PAYING LONG DISTANCE PHONE BILLS!!!!

Why choose the Lebeca Cam Phone???

No monthly FEES. The United States has two current camera phone behemoths. One forces you to use netmeeting which simply does not work as advertised. More importantly, most netmeeting public servers have been shut down in an effort to grow the FEE BASED live meeting system.

The other behemoth requires on average a $50.00 per month subscription fee PER USER!!

Our system does not infringe on your privacy. You simply connect to your "buddy list", "contact list" contact on a peer to peer basis.

Package Includes:

One, (1) Color Crystal Filter Video Camera
Built-In High Quality Microphone
Bundled Software (CD)
1 Year Warranty






The most accurate DTMF (tone) decoder available today! With it’s built-in microphone you can quickly and easily decode touch tones from tape recordings, scanners, etc. with no physical connection to the source. To begin decoding, simply play your pre-recorded tape recording or other audio source and the dialed numbers appear instantly on the DIGITMASTER’S 16 digit LCD display. Works well even with long play tape recorders and noisy scanners. If you prefer a direct connection, a mini jack is also provided along with a connecting cable. Plug into the output or listening device jack of your tape recorder or scanner and directly into the input jack of the DIGITMASTER decoder. This unit also comes complete with a direct telephone line connection cable so you can see numbers as they are dialed. After 16 digit display in full, the oldest digit is deleted and newest is displayed. The DIGITMASTER DTMF tone decoder – quite possibly the BEST DTMF DECODER AT ANY PRICE! (Cosmetics of latest version of this unit may vary from photo.)





Over the years our world famous "Dynamite Clock" has repeatedly made the news due to it's super-realistic appearance. Designed by a REAL demolitions expert, each unique piece is and hand assembled one-at-a-time. Each of these works of art will instantly command anyone's attention. Talk about a conversation piece... Each clock features multiple sticks of dynamite (simulated), and realistic explosives wrapping paper. We then attach a hi-quality digital clock, motion sensor (mercury switch), circuit board with functional L.E.D. lights, a speaker, battery power supply, and top it off with a de-activated detanator pin. Once the battery has been connected the unit will be "set-off" if it is moved, jostled, or picked up in any way. The red L.E.D. lights blink, the buzzer sounds, and the poor fool who moved it will need a change of underwear! We gurantee this to be the most realistic and unique bomb clock that you will ever see!!! One member of the elite FBI bomb squad personally told me that this was the absolute best simulated explosives device he had ever seen! (Unfortunately, this Special Agent was was not smiling when he told me this.) Shortly before speaking to me, the nice Special Agent had just finished evacuating the building and had very carefully "dis-armed" our clock. (The clock had been given to a public official as a gift and was sitting on his desk when a cleaning lady spotted it and called the police...) This is the ultimate conversation piece. Truly unique and available ONLY from us! Quantities are limited. Order yours today.

WARNING: This device is sold as a novelty desk clock ONLY. It is not to be used as a joke, prank, or hoax bomb. Period. Criminal charges will undoubtedly apply if misused. Cannot be shipped outside the Continental USA. Delivery by UPS Ground service ONLY.

"This product is no longer available."



It may be half the size of our exclusive Bomb Clock above, but it is definitely no less intimidating! Our new mini bomb clock is so realistic that even the experts will shake their heads. By the way, it also keeps very accurate time... Cannot be shipped outside the Continental USA. Delivery by UPS ground service ONLY. This is the ultimate conversation piece. Truly unique and available ONLY from us! Quantities are limited. Order yours today.

WARNING: This device is sold as a novelty desk clock ONLY. It is not to be used as a joke, prank, or hoax bomb. Period. Criminal charges will undoubtedly apply if misused. Cannot be shipped outside the Continental USA. Delivery by UPS Ground service ONLY.

"This product is no longer available."



The Grabber Collapsible Grapling Hook is, in our opinion, one of the finest and most unique Collapseable Grapling Hooks on the market today. After a little research however, we quickly learned that we weren't the only ones who thought so. The patented Grabber is the Grappling Hook of Choice for the US Army as well as Special Operations Forces Urban Ops Kits! You will also find this unit currently in use by the 101st, 82nd, and 509th Airborne; 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Infantry Divisions, 1st Cav, 10th Mountain and many more! It is also used by numerous foreign military organizations around the world as well! Rugged and compact, this unique Grappling Hook is designed to be used for entry and egress in a MOUT environment. It can also be used effectively to check for trip wires, booby traps, as well as concertina and minefield clearing! Truly a unique piece of equipment for equally unique ops. WARNING: This device is designed for use and deployment by professionally trained and experineced personnel only. We do not recommend its use for climbing by persons not so trained in the proper use and application of this particular device. Brandon Enterprises assumes no responsiblity for the use or misue of this device by the purchaser.





Clock Your Fastball, RC Car, Golf Swing And More With The Same Radar Technology That Law Enforcement Uses! Quick Silver Radar Gun accurately records speeds from 5 to 150 MPH! Ever wonder how much heat you can throw, how fast you can ride a bike or what your bat or club speed is? Now getting the answer is as easy as pointing and shooting! This Radar Gun harnesses sophisticated doppler technology to accurately record speed in both miles and kilometers. Also features two trigger modes, filter, recall button, quick grip handle, three digit LCD and durable construction. Comes with high-impact carrying case. Great For: Drivers on Residential Roads, Golf Swing, Tennis Serve, Remote Control Cars, Baseball Swing and more!




This unit is the most convenient alternative when a new or additional doorbell is needed. Completely wireless, it eliminates the need of wiring, saving you time and money. The unit packs a portable easy-mounting doorbell receiver with powerful 2.25" magnetic speaker and adjustable volume control. The doorbell is operated from a remote easy-mounting transmitter equipped with a red-led power indicator. Operates on a 9 volts battery (transmitter) and 3 "AA" type batteries (receiver.) (Batteries not included.)

· 4 selectable operating channels to prevent interference with other wireless equipment
· Adjustable volume control
· Realistic dual tone doorbell sound
· Powerful signal passes through doors, walls, floors and windows.
· Red-led good-battery indicator in transmitter
· Both transmitter and receiver may be placed anywhere.

"This product is no longer available."


If you have a battery operated device (i.e. one of our micro wireless video cameras,) and want to get the most out of it, you need to try one of these new lithium batteries. Harnessign the power of lithium, these batteries provide performance and run times superior to any other battery. How much longer? Try 2-4 times longer than conventional alkaline batteries! They also have a long shelf life (up to 10 years), run in extreme temperatures (-40F to 140F), and they weigh less than any other AA battery (only 14 grams).








Over the years we have tested and sold virtally every single voice changer that has been developed. Of the ones that we have tested, we feature our favorites. While voice quality goes up with price, until now even the high-end units still produce an artifical sounding quality to the voice the more that you manipulate it. The Telephone Voice Transformer is an entirely new generation of telephone voice changer making all others sound like cheap toys. WHEN YOU NEED TO HAVE THE ABSOLUTE BEST, THIS IS IT!!! This unit is the state-of-the-art when in voice changing technology. There is simply nothing else on the market that even comes close to the performance of this advanced professional grade unit. What's so special about this unit you ask? The Voice Transformer gives you TOTAL CONTROL over your voice — timbre, tone, formant, reverberation, and pitch. It is simple to operate and it will meet any of the professional’s requirements to alter or disguise their voice when using the telephone. Its user-friendly design features four slider controls that allow for precise real-time adjustments. With this amazing unit you can "create" a voice and save it to one of the units 8 memory settings for future use. With this feature, the next time you need to be that same person again you can do so instantly with the touch of a single button. (Your voice will sound exactly the same as it did on the very first call!) By saving multiple voices in memory, the user can switch seamlessly between voices enabling one person to play several different people in the same conversation if required, -- you can even be a different gender. This unit is that good! The Voice Transformer’s "formant" control is completely independent from its pitch control. This feature alone leaves every other telephone voice changer in the technological dust. Since most are probably unfamiliar with what a “formant” is, here’s a brief explanation. The human voice consists of two components. One is fundamental waves that are pitch-sensitive. The other is non pitch-sensitive fixed harmonics. The harmonics components that change along with vocal cords and with the physical shape of the vocal tract add distinctive characteristics to a person’s voice and are called formants. All of the other telephone voice changers on the market today are merely pitch shifters. They change formants when they alter pitch, so that voices that are pitched higher narrow the voice range resulting in “chipmunk” voices, and voices that are pitched lower sound like a “giant’s” voice. With the Voice Transformer’s Pitch slider, you can control pitch independently, without making formants change, while its Formant slider works to effectively control the vocal cords and shape of the vocal tract. So it can change a male voice into a female or even a child’s voice, yet still sound completely natural. The Voice Transformer installs in seconds on your telephone — just remove the phone’s handset cord and connect this in its place. It comes complete with a quality microphone/earphone headset. Made in Japan. Size: 7" x 61/2" x 2". (Not compatible with cellular phones, cordless phones, or dial-in-handset phones.)




This amazing new spring-loaded fire starter is designed to work with just one hand, perfect should you find yourself injured and stranded in a survival situation. Using a 1/2" diameter flint rod on a spring loaded retractable mount, the Blast Match® is ready to produce a shower of white hot sparks again and again just by pressing down on a hard surface. A comfortable gripping surface provides for ease of use. Instructions included. Color: black. Length: 5" closed, 7" opened. Weight: 2.7 oz.




Even a small pile of the Wet Fire® cube shavings is enough to start a fire. These cubes will even burn floating on water! Sold in boxes of 8. Each cube is individually sealed for long storage life. Instructions included. These are a must for every backpacker, camper, or survivalist tool kit.




These inexpensive tripwire booby traps are a ton of fun. Once you get your hands on a pack of these you will be setting booby traps everywhere! Booby trap a door, booby trap a object, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. There are 12 in each pack, and you get 6 packs for $4.95. (That's 72 for booby traps for less than $5.00!)




The all new FoneFree wireless hands free device enables you to enjoy the benefits of a hi-dollar Hands-Free setup in your car. Unlike other systems however, you can actually hear your caller through your car stereo speakers for optimum sound quality. How does it work? Simply clip FoneFree on to the earpiece of your cellular telephone. Put one the your radio presets to either FM 88.7 or FM 106.5. When the phone rings simply press the stereo preset, hit the send (answer key) and begin talking! It really is just that easy! Works on any cellphone, any car and any radio!

Features innovative new micro technology.

Uses no wires or plug-ins.

Incredibly easy to use.




For many people, the only way that they find out that they have had too much to drink is when they are stopped by a police officer, or have been involved in a car wreck. Needless to say, by then it is too late. In most states, Driving Under the Influence is a Felony. With DUI laws becomming stricter, and Blood Alcohol levels limits getting lowered in many states, -- why take a chance? This compact little device can discretely allow you to check your blood alcohol level in a matter of seconds. Give yourself or your loved one the ability to know when they have had too much to drink. The AlcAlert could very well save yourself or someone else a lifetime of pain. Order yours today.





Have you ever wished that you could tell if someone was lying to you? Now you can. This is the world's first personal deception detector solution. Despite its small size, this neat little device quickly and automatically performs an analysis and diagnosis of vocal segments taken from a persons voice in realtime. Using a complex mathamatical algorithm developed by a group of ex-intelligence officers, there has never been anything like this available to the general public before.

Truster can used in these applications:

Check your own tension before having an interview.
Check the truthfulness of a person with whom you are speaking.
Check the interests of person.
Check the emotions of a person.


When one tells a lie, a voice carries a sonic wave that cannot be controlled by him. Capitalizing on the wave, the Truster has an IC chip voice recognition technology which senses the stress in the voice and judges the excitement, tension and emotional agony through a scientific analysis and revolutionary algorithm. This system enables the user distinguish the trueness of falseness of an utterance and determine the level of stress when one is making an utterance. That will help the users to make a reliable decision in an objective and compassionate manner. As the technologies and the related algorithm are integrated into a chip, Truster is easy to carry and readily available to anyone.




Since the days of the Cold War, intelligence agencies from around the world have developed minature cameras for capturing photographs of everything from spies, to buildings, activities, and even documents. Today you can have technology at your disposal that many professional spies never dreamed possible just a few years ago! Introducing the Casio Digital Watch Camera. This amazing micro-sized digital camera is built-in to a full featured digital wristwatch! Using the camera feature, you can secretly shoot over 100 black & white photos and store them in the cameras 1 MB of on-board memory until you are ready to transfer them to your computer using the optional PC Link Kit. Lightweight and user-friendly, and very easy to use. Snap a picture, store it, delete it, or transfer it to your PC for editing, labeling and permanent storage. You can even transfer edited images back to your wristwatch! The monochrome screen has 16 grayscales and also acts as a viewfinder and display screen. The timepiece is loaded with features, too; digital time display, calendar, five alarms, timer, stopwatch and a databank of 100 names and numbers. If you love gadgets, or great watches, this is a must have item!



PC Link Kit for Watch Camera

Use this software to Interface your amazing Casio Wristwatch Camera to your PC or laptop. Quickly and easily transfer captured images from your wrist to your PC or laptop. Save the images on disk, manipulate them, print them, or e-mail them anywhere in the world! Requires a 9-pin COM port.




If you like the black & white Watch Camera described above, you will love this version! Everything a spy could want in a wrist watch camera and COLOR too! The development of a new 25,344-pixel color CMOS sensor makes it possible to capture up to 80 full digital images that can be transferred to a computer, displayed in full color, or e-mailed to friends or family on the web. 

The Casio Wrist Camera Watches packing a CMOS monochrome image sensor into a super compact and lightweight configuration. Its ability to snap monochrome digital images any place and anytime, made the Wrist Camera watch a popular hit the world over. Since then, there has been a demand for a new version capable of recording images in color. 

A built-in 16-grayscale monochrome LCD panel acts as both the viewfinder and an on-the-spot playback monitor. Enough memory capacity is provided to store up to 80 images and infrared data communication. These Wrist Camera watches also feature 5 alarms which can be set up to display a specific digital image when each alarm time is reached. Images can be transferred to a computer and viewed by using the Wrist Camera internal software which enables the image to be viewed in 16.77 million colors on your PC. A library of images can be stored onto your desktop, transferred back to a Wrist Camera, or e-mailed to friends. Taking candid snapshot has never been so convenient or so easy. Never miss an opportunity to capture a special moment again!



PC Link Kit for Watch Camera

Use this software to Interface your amazing Casio Wristwatch Camera to your PC or laptop. Quickly and easily transfer captured images from your wrist to your PC or laptop. Save the images on disk, manipulate them, print them, or e-mail them anywhere in the world! Requires a 9-pin COM port.




Our great looking Laser Watch does more than just tell time. It also has a built-in laser pointer with twelve, (12) different images enabling you to really get your point across. A simple touch of a button on your watch activates the powerful laser. A quick twist of the bezel enables you to change images. Images include: Red Dot, Reclining lady, T-Rex, Peace sign, Skull, I Love You, Horse, an Angel, and more! The Laser Watch comes complete with batteries and a clear Gift Case. Makes an excellent gift for the student, business executive, gadget hound or yourself! A exclusive. $49.95

PLEASE NOTE: Never shine a laser device in the eyes of any person, animal, at a stranger, at a car windshield, or at someone who may interpret the laser as a threat.

This product is no longer available.


How can you improve on the simple monocular design? Let Steiner design one! If you know optics, you now the name Steiner. For over fifty years STEINER has put their heart and soul into developing the highest performance optics for military, law enforcement, and serious outdoor use.
This beautiful little monocular is the ideal choice for covert surveillance and field work when a full-size binocular cannot be carried. Small enough to be carried anywhere. Designed with a new porro-prismatic optical system, the Mini-Scope allows focusing from eight feet to infinity. By using Steiner's highest grade CAT (Color Adjusted Transmission) optical coating, the Mini-Scope's optics deliver incredible clarity and brightness; so clear and bright, it will blow you away!!!

FEATURES: Three ounces. • Ultra-Compact • Steiner's color-adjusted coatings and perfectly ground glass present a crystal-clear edge-to-edge image. • Ingenious flip-up periscope design (you twist the eyepiece up to form a compact "L", with the fold in the middle of the scope) and grooved focusing ring make the Mini-Scope easy to hold compared to straight-tube designs. • The brushed-aluminum housing is tough and water-resistant. While they may cost a little more that the average monocular, the best always does. One of my personal favorites. Recently featured in the movie "The Art of War" as used by Wesley Snipes. Size: 1 7/8" x 1" x 3" Eye relief: 11 mm Weight: 3 oz.. Brilliant optical performance. 336 ft/1000 yrds. Warranty: 10 years


This product is no longer available.










As you probably already know, we love gadgets. We use them in our work, we abuse them when we play, and we are continuously buying these kinds of things just for the sake of having one. The Photon Microlite II however is one gadget that we actually use. We absolutely love these things and we're positive you will too. The Photon II is the world's smallest LED flashlight constructed of a rugged, glass-filled polyurethane case that is virtually indestructible. This incredible light is as small as a quarter and weighs just 5.5 grams. Despite their miniscule size however, these lights produce a light bright enough to illuminate up to 20 feet ahead, -- depending upon the color of the LED. The light is so bright in fact that it can be seen from up to a mile away. These are the ideal backup to your conventional flashlight as these little guys are always with you. Small enough to carry anywhere, the Photon II light comes in a variety of beam colors which include: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Green, Blue, and Infrared. The White, Turquoise, and Blue lights are the brightest of the series, however they also deplete the batteries after about 12 hours of continuous use. (Yes we said CONTINUOUS use!) Because of the fact that these devices use special LED's instead of conventional bulbs, they are unbelieveably effecient when it comes to power consumption. The other colors use less battery power and can remain on continuously for approximately 5 days. The Green version can last as long as 7 Days! Apparently we're not the only ones who love these things as they have already been used on numerous NASA space missions, are currently used by the United States Secret Service, and were given as gifts to the Russian Cosmonauts on a recent mission to the MIR Space station.


Dual Function On/Off Switch. The Photon II features a convenient on/off switch for continuous use in addition to the standard squeeze button.

Available in 7 different Beam Colors. Your choice of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, White, & Infrared. (Each color has different characteristics.)

Gold Plated Leads! Gold plating in the Green, Turquoise, Blue, & White LED leads improves the electrical contact with the battery and also protects the Photon light from corrosion.

Up to 120 hour battery life. The replaceable CR2032 Lithium battery will power the Red, Orange, & Yellow Photons for 120 hours of continuous use. The superbright Green, Turquoise, Blue, & White Photons will run for 12-14 hours with the included CR2016 Lithium batteries.

Incredibly tough Glass-filled Polyurethane construction. The polyurethane case of the Photon II is practically indestructible and is very abrasion resistant.

Unbreakable LED Bulb. The LED bulb is incredibly tough and is covered under the manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

NASA Approved!

Manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee. If your Photon light fails for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, you may return it for free repair or replacement.

Can be used alone or easily attaches to your key ring or zipper for instant access. Makes it possible to always have light.

Designed by an American and Made in the USA.


When choosing the color, consider how you will be using your Photon light. Every color has slightly different characteristics. While some colors work better in specific situations, all colors of light are great choices for your night stand, glove box, zipper, key ring, purse, or fanny pack, etc.


RED LIGHT. This intense color is favored by pilots, sailors, fishermen, and astronomers for the excellent ability to preserve night vision and also for uses of safety, signaling, and map reading. Ideal for finding your seat and reading programs in theaters. Red is an internationally recognized attention color.

ORANGE LIGHT. This one is bright! The orange combines some of the aspects of both the red and the yellow. It doesn't disturb your night vision as much as the yellow, and illuminates things better than the red. Great for signaling.

YELLOW LIGHT. A traditional flashlight type beam at a lower cost. Will easily project 20 to 30 feet onto an area you desire to see.

GREEN LIGHT. While not quite as bright as the others, the green has the longest battery life. It will shine bright for 7 days continuously. That's about 200 hours of use from one battery!

TURQUOISE LIGHT. This is my personal favorite. The turquoise appears slightly brighter than the blue. It is great for walking around at night. Wide angle beam lights up the whole room. The Blue, Turquoise, and White lights use two replaceable half-size batteries to boost light output. Because these lights use smaller batteries, the battery life is around 12-14 hours--still much longer than a regular flashlight.

BLUE LIGHT. Blue, Turquoise, and White are the brightest of the Photon lights. The Blue is tremendously bright and excellent for walking around trail or no trail. Wide angle beam illuminates everything to the side as well as forward.

WHITE LIGHT. White is great for all around use as everything you look at is viewed in full color. The narrow-angle bulb produces an incredibly bright flashlight-style beam. At last a white light that won't burn out!

INFRA-RED LIGHT. Used by members of the Secret Service, this Photon light creates a powerful infrared beam invisible to the naked eye. Rated at 11mW, this little light is quite a bit more powerful than your average IR illuminator. When used in conjunction with night vision equipment, it will illuminate a large area. (*This Photon light is ONLY useful when used with night vision equipment or other equipment sensitive to infrared light.)

If you are looking for a simple, yet truly unique gift, -- this is it. Get one today. With a million and one uses, everyone is sure to love it!





The caller-ID Buster prevents your name and telephone number from being displayed on the Caller-ID units of the parties you call, allowing you to maintain your privacy and phone number anonymity. Once connected, this device functions completely automatically, and one unit protects all extensions on the same line. Whenever you call someone that has Caller-ID service, your phone number and name will no longer be displayed on their Caller-ID unit. Excellent for undercover operations, pretext calls, or for anyone who feels that their privacy is being invaded by the new Caller-ID service. Simple, inexpensive, and effective. Note: Not effective on 800 and 900 numbers and 911.

       -This item is no longer available

Item #: KCVC. Attach this voice changer to your key chain and you can change your voice whenever you want because you'll always have it with you. This is the smallest voice changer in the world. It measures less than two and a half inches tall and less than one and a half inches wide! Whether you using your phone at home, your cell phone, or a pay phone no one will be able to recognize your voice. Simply place it over the phones mouthpiece, adjust the setting, and speak normally. Extreme settings sound hilarious and are great for practical jokes. Mid-range settings make anyone sound like a man. Great for fooling your friends or to protect women and children when home alone. Simple to operate. Battery included.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: $5.00 for 48 Continental US States. We combine shipping charges on multiple item orders to save you money.

Price: $18.45



Our new mini telephone voice changer is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand. Despite it's small size, it's voice changing capabilities far surpass many more expensive units. Unit can alter the tone of your voice either up or down with the push of a button. You even have an option to give yourself a robotic voice. Can be used on any telephone. No cords or extenal hoodups. Simply slip it out of your pocket and place it over and handset giving you instant anonimity.




Every day we receive requests and inquiries from customers who want to know if we have a voice changer that will work on their cellular telephone. While a couple of our models could be adapted for that purpose, none of them were specifically designed for use on a cell phone. That is, until now. Our new Cell Phone Voice Changer has been specifically designed to connect to a wide variety of cellular telephones. The unit is cleverly designed to emulate a hands-free headset. To deploy this unit simply connect the device to your hands free jack, place the earpiece in your ear and turn the unit on. Once connected, this device will completely change your natural speaking voice making it virtually impossible for the person on the other end to recognize your voice. This unit has five, (5) different voice modes which include: Normal voice; Robotic Voice; Childs Voice; Duck Voice; and Male to Female or Female to Male. The unit can also be used as a "regular" hands-free headset for your cellphone when you are not using it as a voice changer. Simply switch the unit to normal voice and speak hands-free. Universal to fit most U.S. cellular phones.


Weight: 40g
Battery: 3v CR1616
Battery Life (Voice Changer Mode): 30 hours
Voice Change Options: 5
Microphone: 62 db
Hands Free: Yes
Color: Black




The Pretender™ is the much anticipated new telephone voice changer featuring the next generation in voice altering technology. For years the number one complaint of customers has been that virtually all of the voice changers currently on the market (with exception of our Voice Transformer) produce an un-natural sounding voice with a robotic tinge. Because of the way that voice changers have been depicted in the movies, people forget that voice changers are primarily designed to alter your voice so that it is unrecognizeable. However, most people want the voice to simply sound like someone else with no hint of altering. The Pretender does just that. Utilizing the latest technology, this fantastic device is designed specifically to produce a more realistic and natural sounding voice. Need a reason to cut your phone call short? The Pretender also ingeniously incorporates four special background noises enabling you to cut the call short whenever you want to. When a collection agency calls simply push a button on The Pretender and a baby cries out in the background. If a stranger calls you late at night simply push another button and a large dog begins to bark in the background alerting the caller that your are not alone. Push another button and the doorbell rings, -- now you have company. Press yet another button to simulate "call-waiting." These effects can be used individually, or in any combination, to make sure that you are not kept on the phone any longer than you want to. In addition to these sounds, the Pretender™ is also a voice changer equipped with six different settings to distort your voice, helping to make it unrecognizable. Size: 5 1/4" X 3" X 3/4"




This inexpensive telephone voice changer connects to your telephone using modular connectors. Once connected, this device allows you to alter your voice to sound like a completely different person. Battery operated and completely portable.



This is the finest telephone voice changer currently produced anywhere. Designed and engineered by the man who invented the voice changer many years ago, this new design produces clean, hi-quality sound unmatched by other units. The detachable speaker attaches quickly to any telephone handset using an adjustable velcro strap. Simply turn the unit on and adjust the dial to the voice that you desire. Unit alters both the pitch and tone of your voice simultaneously enabling you to sound like a man, woman, child, or anything in-between! Fool your friends, halt harassing calls, conceal your identity...



The P3 Voice Changer Telephone gives you the best of both worlds. A slick, black, functional telephone and a built-in Voice Changer. The telephone is loaded with expensive features including LCD display, speed dial, etc. It also allows you to choose from over ten, (10) pre-programmed voice settings. Alter your voice to sound like a man, a woman, or anything in between... Don't want to answer your own calls, now you don't have to. With the push of a button you can become another person! You can even select a voice that you like and save it in memory enabling you to recall that exact voice with the push of a button! What could be easier?


This is the worlds SMALLEST DTMF (touchtone) decoder. Housed in an attractive pager style case, this nifty unit is small enough to go anywhere. Perfect for field operations. Features and LCH display screen, 2000 Scrollable Recall Memory, and a Built-in Microphone. Enables you to decode touchtones from either live or recorded sources.



These normal looking marking pens hold a secret. The pen on the right contains a special ink that appears invisible when used on any paper. The marker on the left contains special "developing ink" which enables you to reveal the hidden message by simply marking over the area where the hidden text is. Unique. Effective. Inexpensive.
This product is no longer available.


Used by many security and intelligence operatives, our new UV Spy Pen system enables you to do a wide range of things once only possible using expensive equipment, powders, dies, and inks. Mark money invisibly to catch a thief, hide codes and combinations in plain view, send messages on "blank" paper. The possibilities are unlimited. The UV Spy Pen System comes with one UV Spy Pen and our exclusive mini UV light source. Anything written with the pen is invisible to the naked eye and can ONLY be seen when bathed in UV light from our mini light source.


This product is currently unavailable.
For years KGB operatives and Soviet spies used a closely guarded secret ink formulation to sign legal documents, guest registers, checks, contracts, etc. Amazingly, 30, 60, 90 days later, all traces of the operatives signature would mysteriously disappear! No need to break into facilities to retrieve signed documents, no need to worry about leaving a _paper trail._ After smuggling small quantities of this this special ink out of the U.S.S.R., we have since cracked the formula and are now making it available to you inside a high quality, Faux MONT BLANC pen. The possibilities for this pen are endless. PLEASE NOTE: This pen is not to be used for illegal purposes or for signing legal instruments.
$ 59.95
This product is currently unavailable.



Our new MICROMAX DTMF decoder enables you to quickly and easily decode touch tones. this amazing unit will decode, store, and instantly display them on its large 16-digit LCD display. You can even decode touch tones without having to hook up any wires using the built-in microphone. Just place the unit near a speaker phone, recorder, television, surveillance receiver, etc. and it will pull the tones right out of the air! Many private investigators charge from $75.00 to $99.00 for each set of numbers that they decode from an audio tape. The Micro-Max II also features a non-volatile 200-digit memory which enables you to store them captured information for later review. Direct connection to an audio source is also possible via an integral jack. Powered by a single 9-volt battery.



Caller-Id display units enable you to see who called you while you were away. What it doesn't tell you is what numbers were called from YOUR phone line... This amazing new unit automatically keeps detailed records of all OUTGOING calls made from your line. This unit documents the number dialed, date, time, and length of the call(s). Stores an unbelieveable 2000 calls in it's memory! Easy to install. (Just connect to any telephone jack and all telephones on the line are covered.) Silent and Invisible on the line. Decodes and displays up to 24 digits on the LCD screen. (For use on single-line telephone systems only.)


Who says you can't be invisible? You can be if you have one of our new PHAZER units! This fantastic Laser/ Radar Jammer enables you to "cloak" your vehicle making it invisible to police radar. When this jamming unit receives an X, K, or KA band radar signal, it mixes the signal with white noise and reflects it back to the radar gun where the added noise confuses the computer inside the radar gun and produces a blank reading . In addition to making your vehicle invisible to conventional radar, a special modulated laser beam confuses laser guns producing the same effect upon them. Works best when used in conjunction with your existing radar/laser detector, as radar may punch through at ranges of 300 feet or less. Comes complete with 12-volt accessory jack & plugs, winsdshield, bracket, and a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Product not available in MN, VA, OK, DC. Note: Unit is most effective in a 2-3 mile range. While this technology may sound far fetched, this company is so sure of it's product that it comes with a one year ticket guarantee! That's right, if you get a speeding ticket while using this unit, the company will pay your ticket for you!!! (Some restrictions apply.) Designed by an American missle engineer. No kidding.




Get the best of both worlds with this increadible new unit. Enables you to detect police radar AND simultaneously "JAM" their radar with one compact unit. What more could you ask? This is the ONLY combination Radar Detector/Scrambler on the market today. This amazing little unit detects, X, K, KA (superwide) and Instant-On radar guns and immediately scrambles any incoming signal! The Phantom has an effective range of 2-3 Miles for scrambling, and a 3-mile detection range giving you plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to your speed. Additional features include a variable alarm along with a 3-light band indicator and VG-2 protection. Includes windshield mount, power cord, and Velcro. Made in the USA. Complies with all F.C.C. regulations. Legal in all states except OK, MN, VA and DC. Comes with a one year speeding ticket rebate. If you get a speeding ticket while using this unit, the company will pay your ticket for you!!! (Some restrictions apply.)

Price $349.95


You've seen laser pointers everywhere however ours had to be better, right? Of course they are. These are the absolute brightest, most powerful laser pointers currently available anywhere. We currently offer two, (2) different models to choose from. One stylish "pen-style" laser pointer, and one ultra-compact "keychain style" unit. The perfect devices to accurately and clearly point out what you're pointing to whether it's an exact map location on a distant wall, or building down the street, -- way down the street! No more confusion as to which window, which door, or even which person to target. A very handy tool for the tactical team leader and the company CEO. If you want to make your point, these are the units to do it with. Both models produce a brilliant ruby red laser dot up to 700 yards away. Powered by two AAA batteries (Pen-Style) or button cells (Key-Chain).

Pen-Style $39.95


Key-Chain Style $29.95



Do you ever wish that you had eyes behind your head? Now you can. Our unique Tsurveillance glasses not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, they also allow you to see what's going on BEHIND you! Yes, BEHIND YOU!!! Although they look completely normal on the wearer, they feature specially treated edges which make them an excellent tool for surveillance work. Inexpensive, yet effective. For normal viewing look straight ahead. For surveillance use, just look to either corner. Makes a great gift. $14.95



Our new Designer Surveillance Glasses do everything our inexpensive model does however these do it with style! These exclusive glasses feature an expensive looking Gold Metal Frame, glass lenses, and spring loaded arms for comfort and durability. Comes complete with a velvet storage case to keep them safe while you are between operations...




This unique and classified two-part system was once only available to the SAS and OSS. The two-part system is completely safe and stable until the two chemicals are mixed together. Once combined you have approximately 45 seconds before an intense flame ignites with the heat energy of 100 conventional matches! The perfect addition to your survival pack. Each kit comes complete with enough mixture to ignite up to thirty, (30) emergency campfires. (Sorry, this product is not shippable by air.)



We have obtained a limited supply of this special "spy paper" direct from a government contractor who produces it for an unnamed U.S. federal agency. Our unique "spy paper" looks and feels like high quality notepad paper yet dissolves completely in a matter of seconds when it comes into contact with water! Ideal for confidential notes or memos that must be disposed of in the most secure manner possible. Highly superior to shredding. Packaged in notepads of 36 sheets, each 414" X 51/2" and includes a sealable storage pouch.



If you have ever had to scale a high chain link fence in tactical boots, you already know that most boots make it difficult at best. Our new Tactical Fence Climbers were developed to facilitate rapid entry and egress over chain link fences by tactical teams. Each unit serves as a sturdy scaling rung on both sides of the fence. Installation and removal is accomplished in seconds and will not damage the fence. For optimum results, deploy near a fence support pole and space evenly. Recommended number of units to use: 6' fence - 2, 8' fence - 3, 10' fence - 4, 12' fence - 5. Made from heat-treated 3/8" tempered aircraft alloy and features diamomond knurling on each footstep. Black oxide finish.




The answering machine intruder was designed to enable the user to access a subjects telephone answering machine by defeating their security code systems. It accomplishes this by generating the correct security code, thereby allowing the user to access the answering machine. Once "inside" the user can then listen to any messages left. Depending upon the sophistication of the answering machine, the user could also erase all or some of the messages, record a new outgoing message, or even change the security code. Once access is gained many newer answering machines even play a voice menu which tells you exactly what can be done and provides the codes to do it! The Answering Machine Intruder was originally developed as an investigative tool for drug task force detectives. They were able to utilize this device with great success to obtain pieces of information that, when all pieced together and analyzed, provided a clearer picture of an extensive drug distribution operation. Not to mention a wealth of names and phone numbers of "people of interest." The Answering machine intruder is designed to gain access to any answering machine which uses a one, two, or three digit security code. (Will not work on machines protected by our "Answering Machine Protector" or on "voice messaging" services provided by the telephone company.) Requires cassette tape recorder (not included).
Warning: This device is for lawful and legal use only. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws, and F.C.C. regulations regarding the use of this product.
$399.95         - This item is no longer available


This is not your average ice pick. This special tool was designed to enable the operative to rapidly deflate or drain soft-skinned containers of liquids, gasses, (i.e. tires, fuel cells, gas tanks, etc.) Constructed of stainless steel hollow tubing and a hollow black chemical resistant handle. When left in an object, the 5/8" hole ensures quick and positive deflation, -- even on self-sealing bladders. The giant hypodermic needle style point allows for use as a defensive weapon as well. Overall length: 10". $24.95



This specially modified card deck privides the user with a unique hiding place for small objects. Made from an actual set of cards, it looks and feels completely normal. When opened, observers will see the top of the deck of cards completely unaware of the contents hidden inside. Weighted slightly less than a standard deck of cards for a realistic feel when loaded. $14.95




The Rat-Trap is a pocket size tire deflator designed to prevent stationary vehicles from fleeing. These are ideal for warrant service, stolen vehicle surveillance, SWAT operations, or any time that an officer feels that a suspect might attempt to flee. Deployment is quick and eacy, -- the officer simply removes the unit from his pocket, opens it up and places it under the suspect's tire. If the suspect flees, the Rat-Trap with its 6 stainless steel Stinger spikes will quickly deflate the tire and within moments the slowed speed of the vehicle will force the suspect to stop, facilitating arrest and avoiding a dangerous hi-speed chase. By preventing a pursuit you can save lives and reduce liability. Size (folded): 1/4" x 4 1/2 x 3/4". Weighs: 3oz. $29.95


REPLACEMENT SPIKE KIT (Pack of 10) $14.95



These mini smoke grenades generate an amazing 22,000 cubic fee to of smoke which can be used for a variety of applicatins such as disaster training, firefighting exercises, smoke screens, air-flow studies, war games, etc. Smoke color: white/gray. Size: 1 1/2" diameter x 6 " length. Fuse delay: approximately 10 seconds. Use with caution. Not shippable by Air. $6.95 each


Case of 12 Units: $59.95



This amazing spray was originally developed for the CIA to enable their field operatives to read the contents of envelopes without opening the envelope in any way. (No need for "steaming" here.) X-Ray Spray can also used to check suspect mail for evidence of letterbomb components, i.e. wires, triggers, etc. When applied, our X-Ray Spray turns opaque paper temporarily translucent enabling you to "see" what's inside and, in some cases, even read the contrents! Like magic, 30 seconds after the initial application, the envelope chemical will vaporize and the envelope will return to its original state. X-Ray Spray leaves absolutely NO markings, NO discoloration, and no other indications of use. Each can contains enough chemical to treat several hundred square inches of paper. Non-flammable, non-conductive, and non-photochemically reactive. Net weight: 8 oz.

WARNING: Not to be used on U.S. Mail, except by, or with the express permission of, the addressee. Not shippable by Air.




This is the latest version of our now famous Incoming Privacy Filter. Whether you want to stop harrassing telephone calls, prevent strangers from checking on who is home, or just don't want to be bothered by telephone solicitors, -- this is THE device for you! Never again will you be bothered by unwanted telephone calls from strangers. While Caller-Id does enable you to "screen" your calls, the telephone will still continue to ring as many times as they call you thereby disrupting your dinner, your sleep, and your privacy. Needless to say, it is virtually impossible to just "ignore" a ringing telephone much less multiple ringing telephones. Our Incoming Call Restrictor lets you re-claim control over your telephone unlike any other device in the world. Are you receiving harrassing telephone calls? Put an end to them immediately! Instead of going through the time, expense, and hassle of changing your telephone number, simply cut the creeps off at the knees. (They can't harrass you if their call can't go through!) How is this possible you ask? Our amazing Incoming Call Restrictor enables you to select a secret 4-digit security code which you then provide to your family, friends, and other authorized callers. There are 1296 different possible codes to choose from and you can easily change your security code at any time. Once that the Incoming Call Restrictor is activated, all callers will hear a short "beep." If the caller then enters the correct security code, the unit’s ringer will sound. However, if the caller enters an incorrect code, or no code at all, they are immediately disconnected and your telephone never even rings!!! On/off switch for easy activation and de-activation. Installs between the telephone and the wall jack. For use on single-line telephone systems only.




Originally developed for a U.S. Federal Investigative agency, this device enables you trick the person on the other end of the telephone into thinking that he's on "hold". In reality however, he's just been placed on a "phantom hold". Unknowingly, the subjects telephone has just been effectively turned into a super-sensitive room audio monitor! To activte, simply press the switch on the face of the unit. By pressing this button, the unit will immediately simulate that distinctive "dead sound" that is associated with being put on hold. There is no need to worry about the other party hearing you while the device is activated as the unit automatically cuts off your phone's handset mic while activated. In addition to a wide range of Law Enforcement and Investigative applications, this device also has a wide variety of business related applications. You will not believe what people will say while they think that they are on "hold." Powered by one 9-volt battery (not included); installs in seconds between the phone and handset (not compatible with phones with dials in the handset portion). For lawful and legal use only $199.95



If you're wondering why we are featuring a "fly swatter" on this site the answer is simple. This thing is really neat! If "Q" were asked to design a fly swatter for James Bond, this would be it! Would James Bond carry one of these babies on a mission? Probably not. But you can bet your Lotus that he would definitely be using one of these at home while grillin' with the rest of the bad boys! Shaped like a miniature tennis racket, this ingenious device allows you to instantly "zap" flying insects and pests ON CONTACT. Eliminates Flies, Wasps, Bees, Hornets, Mosquitos, and similar flying insects in one quick, sizzling stroke. To activate simply press the button on the side and make contact with the insect. Just think. Now you can rid yourself of these annoying pests AND practice your backhand all at the same time! Isn't technology great? Operates on two"AA" batteries. (THIS IS NOT A TOY!)

The Swatter I $29.95



This unit is essentially the same as The Swatter I however, this units features three, (3) layers of wire mesh instead of the horizontal strands utilized in the original unit. The new mesh design offers more surface/contact area making it easier for you to barbecue your prey in mid-air. (You're laughing now but you are definitely going to be ordering several more of these once your family and friends get their hands on yours!) The inner layer is the shocking surface while the two outer layers protect you and your buddies against unwanted shock. Effective against all types of flying insects. Emits no smell. Enviornmentally friendly. Ideal for camping, fishing, backyard, etc. Powered by two "AA" batteries. (THIS IS NOT A TOY)




This handy little light features the smallest flourescent bulb made anywhere. The special bulb has been designed to shine only in the intended direction as 1/2 of the tube has been shielded to prevent the light from radiating to those around you. Ideal for airplanes, the theater, operas, bedside reading, camping and even stakeouts. Unit also has a built-in super bright red L.E.D. for covert illumination. Flourescent tube both swings and twists enabling you to adjust it to just the right illumination position. Integrated belt-clip hooks onto books and other pieces of literature. Truly unique. Powered by four, (4) "AAA" batteries.




Our new Micro Counter is the world's smallest electronic document counter. Powered by four, (4) "AA" batteries, this unique little unit enables you to count up to 999 bank notes, documents, tickets, etc. in the field, or anywhere the need arises. It also features a bright L.E.D. digital display, super-compact clamshell design, and two, (2) modes of operation. Unit can count up to 100 bills per count up to 999. Can also be programmed to add. Dimensions: 17 1/4" x 12 x 13 1/2 inches.




This handy laser device is one of the most unique laser pointers that we have come across to date. About the size of a half-dollar, this unit not only allows you to shoot a standard red laser "dot" like all the other units currently on the market, it will also allow you to select from over ten, (10) designs by simply turning the dial! Choose from the following: Dot; Arrow; Line; Circle; Finger; Star; S.O.S.; Heart; I Love You; or Happy B-Day! Perfect for the office or anywhere else that you want to get the message across. Powered by three, (3) "LR-44" batteries (included). Supplies are very limited so get yours today!




These new handheld walkie-talkies work as good as they look. Operating on the new FRS (Family Radio Service) frequency, these units have an incredible 2 mile range! Audio is clear and static free. Unlimited uses, hunting, fishing , boating, family outings, amusement parks, etc. Features: 14 channels, backlit LCD display w/battery meter, 38 privacy codes. Audible low battery alert. Operates up to 20 hours on 3 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included). Accesory jack for VOX headset & mic or earbud receiver. Removeable belt clip. NOTE: All Motorola radios are packaged and sold as individual units (ONE RADIO PER PACKAGE). Therefore, you must purchase at least two, (2) radios to have a functioning set.

TALKABOUT PLUS (Khaki/Green) $129.95
TALKABOUT PLUS (Cobalt Blue) $129.95
TALKABOUT PLUS (Adv. Camo) $139.95
TALKABOUT PLUS (Yellow) $129.95
TALKABOUT PLUS (Grey) $129.95




OK Guys, two words: SEMI-AUTO! The brand new Gamo P-23 is the hottest new semi-automatic CO2 pistol in the world. Fires BB's as fast as you can pull the trigger. Fires .177 cal. pellets as a single shot. Operates on one, (1) Co2 powerlet (not included). While nothing beats practice with your duty weapon, this is an ideal way to practice your technique in the back yard. Set them up and knock 'em down. BB's exit the muzzle at over 400 fps! CO2 capacity: 80 shots. Magazine: 10 shots for BB's. Manual safety catch. This is not a toy!

PISTOL $99.00


CO2 POWERLETS (5-Pack) $5.99

BB'S, count $

.177 PELLETS, count $




These portable roadblock devices were designed for law enforcement use in field situations where an immediate vehicle-disabling roadblock is required . Don't let their small size, portability, and instant deployment capability fool you. Nearly any vehicle driving over one of these devices will have an immediate blow-out. Constructed from heavy gauge 5/16" hardened round steel with Class Four tip and .3" razor edges, each unit has four 2" long spikes. No matter how they are thrown on the ground, one point will always land facing straight up and ready for action! Create instant roadblocks, stop pursuing and fleeing vehicles, protect private property, etc. The applications are limited only by your imagination. Use with extreme caution and discretion. Color: rust. Sold in boxes of 5 units.



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