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If you are looking for one of the most effective wireless video camera detectors, -- this is definitely it. Our all new ProExtreme Wireless Camera Hunter quickly and easily finds single or multiple hidden wireless cameras. Not only does this fantastic new unit detect hidden wireless video cameras, it works completely automatically! Just turn the unit on and let it go to work. If the unit detects any live wireless video source, the wireless video signal is IMMEDIATELY DISPLAYED ON THE BUILT-IN 2.5" COLOR VIDEO SCREEN! The LCD window below the screen shows you the exact frequency of the transmission source. Automatically scans all the commonly used video frequencies in less than 5 seconds and "locks-in" on any video camera transmitter(s) in the area. Unit also sounds an audible alert tone. Selectable antenna sensitivity allows "lock-in" on sources up to 500 of feet away (depending on power of source transmitter). Durable all metal case.


Full Range Frequency Scanning from 900MHz ~ 2.52GHz
2.5" High Resolution Monitor
LCD Display Shows Frequency and User Setting Details
Full Range Video Protocol auto-switching for PAL / NTSC, CCIR / EIA
Dual Power "AA" batteries or External AC adaptor (AC adaptor optional)
Auto and Manual Scanning Modes
"Fine Tuning" Rocker Switch for use after alert
Battery life indicator on LCD
Antenna Sensitivity Indicator on LCD
Audible Alarm on/off Indicator on LCD




Last Year, Over 74 Million Dollars Was Spent On Spy Cameras Alone! Spy & Pinhole cameras are now quite literally everywhere. And, believe it or not court case after court case has proven that many are often installed exactly where they shouldn't be. Because of this very fact everyone is talking about the incredible new SpyFinder. Spy Shops absolutely hate this device! Beacuase of the SpyFinder, the pinhole camera market has just been blind sided. We're actually getting hate mail from spy shop owners. Like it or not, this device is here to stay. The original technology used to locate wired and wireless spy cameras was developed by a military engineering and contractor firm about five years ago. While this device works amazingly well, at $3,500.00 it is simply too expensive for the average consumer.

Those same brilliant engineers saved manufacturing costs by wrapping the same "patented" technology in a smaller less expensive unit without using Mil Spec materials. This less expensive Spyfinder works JUST AS WELL, if not better. Priced UNDER $200.00 EVERYONE can afford it. This product was featured on the hot TV show "CSI Miami". Because it worked so well right out of the box, -- NO SPECIAL EFFECTS WERE USED.


We are so sure of the unbelievable detect capabilities of the SpyFinder that we are giving you a FREE, WORKING PINHOLE SPY CAMERA to test this unit with. Afterwards you can use this camera for your own surveillance needs. WITHIN 30 SECONDS OF USING THIS UNIT, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY WE SAY "HIDDEN CAMERAS HAVE MET THEIR MATCH!"

Illegal hidden cameras in Bedrooms, Hotel Rooms, Restrooms, Dressing Rooms, Tanning Parlors, will all be detected within SECONDS!!!


The SpyFinder hidden camera detector/locator is the most reliable and easy to use technology on the market for making sure that your private actions are not being watched. Its function is based on the principle of optical augmentation. This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system, such as a video camera, is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a hidden camera is illuminated and viewed with the SpyFinder technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the user.
The SpyFinder exploits this phenomenon by using a ring of ultra-bright LEDs arranged around a viewing port. When a user scans a room looking through the viewing port, a hidden camera appearing in the field of view will brightly reflect the light from the LEDs.


While the equivalent of rocket scientists thought up the SpyFinder technology, operating it is not rocket science. Simply look through the viewing port (see photo) and depress the button to activate the LEDs. Slowly scan areas where hidden cameras are suspected and look for bright reflected spots. Remember, most hidden video cameras use pinhole camera lenses, so the spot you are looking for could be small.

If you see a suspected camera, move your vantage point slightly. If the location of the reflection moves as you move, then this is not a camera. If the location of the reflection does not move, then it is highly likely that you have discovered the optics of a hidden camera.

For example, consider a wall clock that has a domed plastic cover and a pinhole camera concealed under the numeral six on the clock face. When the SpyFinder is used to scan the clock, a reflection will be noted where the camera is located beneath the six and a reflection will also be noted from the plastic cover. However if you move your vantage point just a little, you will notice that the location of the false positive reflection point from the plastic cover will move, while the reflection from the camera remains under the numeral six on the clock face.





You've seen them in magazines. You've heard about them being abused by people on television programs like 20/20 and even on the local news. You've probably even wondered if you were being watched on camera in a public place such as a changing room, locker room, hotel room, etc. Whate are they? "They" are wireless micro video cameras and they are hidden in places that you would never think of... How can you detect them? Our little Pro Hunter is just the ticket. Extremely small, easy to use, inexpensive and very effective. Our amazing little Pro Hunter is lipstick sized affording easy carry and the ability to detect anytime, anywhere. This is easily one of the smallest detectors on the market today. Compared to other toy-like detectors (mobile phone sensors, etc.), the Pro Hunter outperforms these devices by distinguishing surveillance frequencies from commonplace cellular frequencies which cause falsing in most detectors.

Size: L 79 x W 28 x T 15 mm
Weight: about 26g (included battery)
Power: 6V DC (CR2032 lithium battery x2)
Detecting frequency: 50 MHz ~ 3.0 GHz
Warning mode: Sound
Color: Silver





While there are numerous "wireless video camera detectors" now on the market, this is one of the ONLY devices that will detect a "Hard-Wired" video camera. "Hard-Wired" means that there is a wire/cable running between the hidden camera and the recorder/monitor. Because a hard-wired camera does NOT transmit a wireless RF signal, these types of cameras are extremely difficult if not impossible to locate without special equipment such as this device. HARD-WIRED CAMERAS CANNOT BE DETECTED BY A "BUG DETECTOR". The sensitive external antenna is specially designed to pick up the horizontal oscillator frequency 15.75 KHz radiated by video cameras. Once the video camera is detected, its location can be quickly pinpointed by using the five-step LED meter and Sensitivity control. Tests with various cameras show a detection range of 2 to 15 feet, -- depending on the type of camera. Housed in a rugged aluminum case. Measures 4.25" x 2.25" x1.25". Weight: 10 oz.. Comes complete with two, (2) 9 volt batteries, plug-in antenna and illustrated instructions.





As you now know, covert video surveillance cameras are EVERYWHERE! While most are used to document theft and abuses, many are used for illegal purposes i.e. video voyeurism, etc. Because video cameras radiate a unique signal, our amazing new video camera detector enables you to quickly determine if a hidden or disguised video camera is in use within a room. To pinpoint the location of a hidden video camera, simply work the sensitivity control and directional antenna. A red indicator light will alert you to a "hit." Detection range varies from 3 to 12 feet. Comes complete with a 9-volt battery, detailed instructions, and a One-Year warranty. Protect your privacy. Make sure that your not the next star of someone elses home movie... Priced to sell at only $249.95.


With electronic eavesdropping and corporate espionage now commonplace, you need an edge to alert you to potential security hazzards in the everyday world. Don't think so? Is one of the people in the room wired for sound? Is your hotel room bugged? Your car? Your home? Now you can find out quickly and inexpensively. While nothing can take the place of a professionally done TSCM sweep, the all new MicroSweep is the highest quality personal RF detector currently on the market. Its compact size enables you to conceal it on your body for discreet "sweeping" of a location, -- or the person standing in front of you. In the the "RF" mode, the unit will silently vibrate to alert you of a possible danger. This way only you will know that a transmitter has been detected enabling you to adjust your dialogue accordingly, or prepare for your exit. In the "audio" mode, you can actually hear the transmission in progress so as to pinpoint the precise location of the transmitter, or quickly identify what transmission the unit is detecting. (This feature is extremely handy as it enables you to quickly identify false or stray signals that can interfere with your sweep.) It can also be used as a quality sweep unit with the additional antenna which we have included. Unit comes complete with a hard shell protective case, 2 antennas, earphone, and one 9-volt battery. $399.00

VIDEO CAMERA PROBE ANTENNA - Our new video camera probe antenna allows your MicroSweep unit to quickly and easily detect and locate hidden or covert video cameras. All you have to do is add this specially tuned antenna to your already potent package! $59.95


You've seen our fantastic little video camera detector but what you ask can I use to check for the new 2.4 Gig wireless covert camera systems. This is our answer! The all new MicroAlert can detect microwave ovens, cell phones, radio interference and hidden even hidden surveillance "bugs". The size of a small pager, ( Actual size is 2.25 inches high X 1.6 wide X .75 thick.) the MicroAlert is ideal for anyone trying to find out exactly what's emitting radio or microwaves, including those from hidden sources. Just turn it on, select the sensitivity level you want, and put it in your purse or pocket.

A clear, loud beep indicates radio waves stronger than the level you select. If you move closer to the radio source, the beep becomes more frequent, and will ultimately become a solid tone if you move closer still. Or, if you move away from the source, the beeping will stop. Minimum sensitivity is .001 milliwatt per cm2.

At the highest sensitivity, it will detect a typical cellular phone tower within 300 feet line-of-site, a typical analog cell phone 40 feet away, a digital phone 20 feet away, and a microwave oven (in use) 10-50 feet away. However, you will usually use a less sensitive setting. It's most sensitive from 100 MHz - 3 GHz, so ordinary cordless phones do not cause much interference (detectable at about 2 feet). The switch on top lets you select Standard sensitivity, High sensitivity or "Off". In addition, a control on the side can raise or lower the overall sensitivity. The unit chirps once each time you turn it on to indicate that the battery is good. You will be amazed what this unit can detect! The unit comes with a 3-volt lithium coin battery, which has a typical life of 3 years.


NOTE: Electronic Countermeasures detection is NOT an exact science and therefore no guarantee whatsoever has been, or can be made, as to the results obtained when using any of these devices.


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