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For some time now our customers have been asking for a low-priced, high quality telephone scrambler. Although several units were in Research & Development stages, none were available. Well, the wait is OVER! For secure telephone conversations, you need The Miser. The Miser utilizes multiple unique encryption algorithms with 1 million user programmable codes to secure voice communication links and provide maximum security. The Miser provides privacy for confidential conversations even if a line is electronically tapped. Eavesdroppers will not be able to decipher the contents of the communication link. The Miser can secure multiple links for conference calling. A maximum of ten (10) links may be secured simultaneously. Connects between handset and your phone base. Note: A minimum of (2) units is required for operation.


Intelligent Microprocessor Control -- 1,000,000 random codes.
Fits almost all telephone sets ( home ordinary phones, office PABX / KTS phones ).
User programmable access codes from phone keypad.
Multiple unique encryption algorithms used when securing link.
Multiple link encryption for conference calling.
Dual LED and Audio tone status indicators.
Self contained power- up diagnostics.
Easy to install and maintain.
Optional 9V Battery for portability.

$599.95 (Pair)




CRYPTOcell is a breakthrough, ultra-small encryption solution. The CRYPTOcell is our most popular security item for protecting communications. It is currently used by military, corporations and individuals in over 30 countries. The CRYPTOcel only weights 11 grams and is small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket. The CRYPTOcell effectively prevents eavesdropping using AES 256 bit encryption for end-to-end communications.
Several security threats plague wireless communicatons including "man-in-the-middle" attacks (MIM), high-tech frequency scanners, lack of dual authenticity between handset & base station, and lack of encryption through the fixed public networks which most calls are routed. One of the best ways to protect sensative information against eavesdroppers is with the use of high-quality encryption devices offered by Global Teck Worldwide.

CRYPTOcell™ provides security to mobile phone users who can ill-afford to have their privacy, trade secrets nor intellectual property compromised. Unlike other existing GSM solutions which require you to purchase a dedicated and expensive cellular handset, CRYPTOcell™ is a ultra-smal, plug-n-play, accessory compatible with over 20 popular Ericsson T-Series GSM handsets. Just plug it into the handset and enjoy end-to-end military-strength security at excellenct voice quality! The encryption procedures are completely transparent and no user-intervention is required to start using powerful cell phone security

Users that require large deployment of secure wireless phones may want to consider the use of the Private Trunk™ (Secure Switch). The secure switch provides users many features that enhance interoperability, auditing and administrative funcitions that are normally not possibly with the CRYPTOcell alone. Additional details on the Private Trunk are provided below.


A) CRYPTOcell module only

B) CRYPTOcell with mobile phone bundle

1) GSM service.
2) Enabled data services- Circuit Switched Data (CSD). Unit will operate on both regular circuit switched data (CSD) and high-speed circuit switched data (HSCSD). Other terms used for data services include: Mobile Originate (MO) to Mobile Transmit (MT), or Asynchronous Data.

NOTES: Each country handles provisioning of data services differently. Check with your local GSM provider for service details. Some providers may provide a separate data number to transmit & receive data. Normally if your GSM provider can provide data services to laptop modems your CRYPTOcell should function with your GSM provider. The CRYPTOcell is the only unit in the world that will operate in transparent and non-transparent mode. Thus, providing you greater flexibility when roaming on different GSM networks. Typical delivery of CRYPTOcell is between 7-10 business days depending on location.

CRYPTOcell™ currently supports T-Series Ericsson GSM phones. The CRYPTOcell-300 is approved by the U.S. Commerce Department for export. For information on country-by-country GSM providers, GSM coverage maps and local data services go to the GSM World Website.




The development of CRYPTOcell™ continues to extend the world-class security products based on the SNAP (Secure Network Access Platform) architecture. Unlike the standard CRYPTOcell unit which features the tiny external encryption unit, our PDA has NO EXTERNAL DEVICES ATTACHED TO IT. Instead, the PDA features a built-in proprietary encryption software application for converged devices securing both voice and chat sessions from PDA phones running on a Pocket PC based system. Why take chances with your proprietary information? The CRYPTOcell encryption is based on government security standards established for AES algorithms.


Software based downloadable platform
Compatible with off-the-shelf PDA phones with Pocket PC
User friendly setup
Commercially exportable
FIPs compliant AES encryption
Communicates with CRYPTOcell-300 and SnapTrunk/PrivateTrunk
Snapsoft enabled devices are networkable for enterprise clients


A) Software only platform

B) PDA and Software bundle



Our CRYPTOfone unit is a small, lightweight, plug & play unit that secures voice, conference and fax communications. Carriers do not offer any security assurances on their public networks. Don't take any chances with your communications. CRYPTOfone is a POTS interface connected at the customer’s premises. Designed to protect your Land Lines at home or office, it quickly and easily connects between your telephone and the wall jack. When used in multi-point mode you can travel to hotels, foreign countries and other offices to make and recieve secure calls from any number in the world. For ISDN compatible unit, please ask for PT 200.


CRYPTOfone Enterprise Private Trunk™
(Network Based Multi-line Encryptor)

If you need to communicate securely between our CRYPTOcell and CRYPTOfone units, you will need our CRYPTOfone™ Enterprise Private Trunk™ system. Organizations with users in multiple locations can deploy Private Trunk™ - a secure communications rack-mounted wireline and cellular multi-line encryption gateway. The secure gateway adds point-to-multipoint calling capabilities to the CRYPTOcell™ along with additional security and administrative functions. The secure multi-line gateway can encrypt all corporate communications including fax, conferencing, cellular, wireline transmissions while secure all local loop communications. Effectively protecting the most vulnerable links against industrial espionage.

All secured calls are routed through the Private Trunk™ which acts as a gateway to and from service suppliers’ networks. Private Trunk™ encrypts and decrypts all voice, fax and data communications. The secure trunk is an open CTI system built to support telecommunication standards. The secure trunk allows the multi-point interface between secure wireless and land-line calls.

Private Trunk™ solution is focused on providing the latest in protections for information sharing amongst peers, suppliers, alliance partners and financial institutions. It provides enterprises with a cost-effective tool with a wealth of uniquely flexible security features, such as authentication (PKI), access control, dialing restrictions, VPN encryption, call destination encryption and point to any point secured communication, for voice, fax and data sessions. This solution can be deployed transparently over mobile and fixed networks.

The elements support in and between fixed networks through POTS/ISDN access, E1/T1 digital trunks and GSM networks. Private Trunk™ also incorporates unique peer-to-peer security. Built-in security features allows users to secure internal and external calls over public networks. Each secure trunk can provide various additional features including PBX firewall security, remote-dialing protections, call detail reports (CDR), central control of all registered units (CRYPTOfone, CRYPTOcell & Trunks) and service restriction capabilities. Each secure trunk can effectively support up to 1000 users.

Integrated services are also available to manage secure enterprise traffic.

For a free consultation regarding our enterprise security systems use our E-MAIL LINK or contact us at (915) 533-5746.


Site Management Server

Private Masters™ control and monitor all Private Gate operations including data bases, performance, traffic control, event-logging, record-auditing, encryption key management, billing information, troubleshooting, user-profiles and remote testing and upgrading of units. Private Master supports SNMP management protocol.

For a free consultation regarding our enterprise security systems use our contact form or contact us at (915) 533-5746.


Remote Management Console

Management consoles operate Private Console's PC based software that controls Private Masters from remote sites.

For a free consultation regarding our enterprise security systems click on our e-mail link or contact us at (915) 533-5746.


If you are one of the countless people who have been waiting for a sophisticated, yet easy to use telephone scrambler your wait is over. Our new SECURE-CELL scrambling system provides the user with an high level of communication security over BOTH CELLULAR and LAND-LINE telephones. The Secure-Cell quickly and easily attaches onto most cellular or land line telephone handsets. With a Sec-Cell unit on each end of the conversation, all communications between the two units will be effectively protected against any and all types of eavesdropping. Scrambling is the most effective way to protect your sensitive communications. This tactical device will protect your conversation from various methods of eavesdropping from wire taps or electronic bugs. The unit is totally portable and can be used around the world on most telephones. Just how good are these units you ask? The Secure-Cell uses a digital encryption algorithm based on DSA that is applied to the user code in order to create secure communication. By programming a code up to sixteen digits, an algorithm is created that rolls the scrambling code up to 65536 times. This provides over seventeen hours of continued use before the pattern repeats. The Secure-Cell Phone Scrambler comes with an interconnect cable that will connect with Motorola, Samsung, LG and other models of cellular telephones that have a 2.5mm headset jack. Adapters are available to attach the cable to other models of cellular phones. A cable is also available to connect the Secure-Cell to a conventional Land-line telephone.

No other product on the market offers you protects both your land-line and your cellular telephone in one unit! Our units are sleek, compact, and work with virtually all cellular and land-line telephones.

PLEASE NOTE: The Secure-Cell system is sold as a package consisting of one, (1) pair. A minimum of two, (2) units are required for the system to operate. However, there is no limit to the number of units that can be used in conjunction with the original pair. Additional pairs can be purchased and used together, OR individual units can be purchased at a single unit price as listed below.


Scrambles voice conversations over the telephone system
Ensures privacy
Works with most cellular and Land-line telephones
Compact and portable
Rolling code scrambling
User defined code variation
1 year manufacturer's limited warranty


Dimensions................13.3 cm X 5.1cm X 2 cm (5.2" X 2" X 0.8")
Weight........................................................113g (4 oz)
Battery Charger..........................................9Vdc (500mA)
Current Draw.......................................................80mA
Maximum User Code............................................16 digits
Operating Temperature Range....-30ºC to 40ºC (-22ºF to 104ºF)

$1,795.00 SECURE-CELL PACKAGE (1 Pair, 2 units)


$ 895.00 ADDITIONAL SECURE-CELL UNIT (1 Additional Unit)






The ACS-2 personal communications scrambler uses split-band inversion to scramble your telephone communications. Easily connected to any handheld telephone receiver, or portable cellular telephone, THE SCRAMBLER is an effective way to secure your communications from eavesdropping. These units are lightweight, attractive, battery operated, and portable. Highly effective. Easy to use. Units feature a user programmable code key with over possible combinations. Minimum of two units necessary. $325.00 each


The TS-400 uses split-band inversion encryption technology to protect you telephone conversations. Easily connected to your home or office telephone, these units can effectively protect your communications from interception and eavesdropping. These units remain invisible on the line until you feel the need to scramble your call. A simple press of the "Scramble" button automatically sends the code down the line to the other unit, verifies the code, and connects the units. Your communications are now safe. Comes complete with two units, power supplies, and connectors. $199.95


We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a full line of custom-encrypted Motorola cellular telephones. Whether you want a standard size DPC-650, and Elite, or the world-famous Star-Tac (pictured above), we've got you covered. Our telephones have been specially modified to include a state-of-the-art encryption chip featuring either split-band inversion, or complex crypto algorithm technology. Our units look completely stock from the outside with no bulky external scramblers to connect, and no extra buttons or switches. Scramble mode is accomplished by pressing a preset sequence on the existing keypad. Available in three, (3) levels of encryption. Cost of unit includes a brand new Motorola telephone. If you're looking for the ultimate in cellular encryption, -- this is it! (MINIMUM OF TWO UNITS REQUIRED.)

NOTE: Electronic Countermeasures detection is NOT an exact science and therefore no guarantee whatsoever has been, or can be made, as to the results obtained when using any of these devices.


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