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If you think that when you delete sensitive information from your computer that it's gone, you or your company may be in for a big, embarrassing, or expensive surprise one day! "Deleted" items are normally retained in your computer and can be recovered. Many companies have lost huge amounts in lawsuits as a result of recoveries of "deleted" confidential files, e-mail, etc. But now you can protect yourself with the Electronic Shredder™ 2.0, a file deletion software program that provides the ultimate security for sensitive and confidential electronic information. It turns every delete into an erasure, ensuring that deleted files are totally unrecoverable. Shredder™ runs in real time and works smoothly and efficiently in the background without interfering with your work. It is compliant with Department of Defense 5220.22-M requirements for clearing and sanitizing sensitive automated information from magnetic media. Even if you use encryption, you still need Shredder™ for full security. (While an encryption program will lock up the final copy of a document, it does nothing about all the unprotected backup, temp, swap, print, etc. copies of that file which are still on your disk.) Shredder™ even provides a panic system that allows for emergency shredding of files faster than you can say "subpoena". If you deal with sensitive, valuable, private, or classified electronic information, the protection of Shredder™ should be an integral part of your security system. Shredder™ 2.0 minimum system requirements: Windows 95™ (all versions), 486 processor, 33 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, 5 MB space hard drive.

SHREDDER™ $99.00

NOTE: Electronic Countermeasures detection is NOT an exact science and therefore no guarantee whatsoever has been, or can be made, as to the results obtained when using any of these devices.


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